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First off; I would...

First off; I would like to make an apology to all the third world countries out there, as we are lowering the bar standard for third world countries with the elections we just had in the USA.
Keep in mind there is a good chance that somewhere along the way U.S has played a part, if not a major role, in screwing your country up. I am personally sorry for what the US did and I take partial responsibility that it happened.

Was I involved...

Was I involved in the decisions that screwed you over? No, I wasn’t directly involved. It is way worse than that.

Like most Americans I had trust in the people we were “electing” to office and was too busy trying to keep one step ahead of being sucked under by high taxes and unscrupulous banking institutions.

Self preservation instincts are like putting blinkers (blinders) on a race horse so the horse can only see what is directly in front of the horse. In order to see what is truly happening peripheral vision and use of all of the senses are needed.

I put the word “electing” in quotation marks because we (some of us) know we haven’t been electing anyone to office. Our elections here in the USA have been rigged just like the ones in the countries that the USA “helped”.

The elections in the USA have been rigged for decades now and our congress and senate have known for years because whistleblowers have been telling them since the early 2000’s and here we are two decades later still using the same types of machines that are so easy to manipulate.

There was only...

There was only one presidential election lately in the USA where the people actually decided who won the presidency and that was in 2016.

Every media outlet and every political pundit said there was no way that Hillary Clinton could lose to Donald Trump. When Trump won the election those same media and pundits started screaming “Russia, Russia, Russia… Russian election interference.” There was no Russian interference.

Well, let me tell you something you may not know; the 2016 election was in fact supposed to be rigged too. That is why every one of those media outlets, pundits and even our “leaders” like Nancy Pelosi were saying, “No way will Trump win”.

There was just one thing that the people in charge of the rigging didn’t foresee happening; one of their close associates decided that they couldn’t let what had been happening in 45 other countries that the US “helped” with those elections happen here and decided to do something about it.

I won’t go in to the details on how the rigging was thwarted but I highly suggest you watch the documentary from the person who was responsible for thwarting it recently released. This will be the best investment of two hours of your time that you can make by watching it.

For those of you...

For those of you in the US can you see it now? Time to wake the guzbuck up and spread this film to everyone you know. For my readers around the rest of the world you have my sincere apology for the negligence myself (and 99.8% of the rest of the US population) which contributed for allowing this to happen.

The message I have for people around the world today would be don’t wait for the United States to come save you.

We The People of the USA are not bad people …just really naïve … and slow to wake up. The majority of us believed in the law and were brought up to believe our government was good and doing the “right” things to protect us. Now we know that it was all a lie…the only reason our government fears us was because of the right to bear arms which is a constitutional guaranteed right.

Even our military in the US is compromised and being run by people who want this country to fail so things are going to get bad , really bad , before it gets better in the U.S. A.

Thanksgiving Day in...

Thanksgiving Day in the USA is supposed to be a day of giving thanks for our blessings that have been bestowed upon us by the almighty Creator in the form of bountiful crops. A day when the native Indian tribes and the pilgrims got together to feast with one another? Who really knows?

What I do know today is there isn’t a lot to be thankful for as a nation. We are being overrun by drug smugglers and human traffickers on our southern border for sure and who knows who else is coming through there.

Our goverment in Washington is encouraging and funding the invasion of our southern border.

Our military has and is being decimated by the Covid19 jab that was made mandatory by the leaders of the military.

The past two elections have been rigged again and people continue to turn a blind eye to all of it even though it is being done in plain sight.

The saying, “you reap what you sow” from Proverbs means the same as a saying we have in Texas, “the chickens have come home to roost.”

Thanksgiving traditionally has been with turkey as the main course of poultry, but I think it is high time we look at frying up some chickens. In case you have trouble finding chickens at your local food market just look to your state capital or Washington, D.C. there are plenty in those places.
Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll

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Thanksgiving day was started by President Lincoln... after he ordered soldiers to fire down the streets to disperse people rioting over being pressed into service... Lincoln called for a national day of "thanks giving" to quiet down the masses.

From what I know (published history) George Washington made a proclamtion on "thanksgiving" but like you mentioned later on Lincoln did as well and I think it was about two or three years later that congress actually adopted thanksgiving as a national holiday.
Did you by chance watch #ENJOYTHESHOW ?


I somehow missed this post but hope you and the family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Well Eric we in fact had a great Thanksgiving and I hope your Thanksgiving & Christmas were equally enjoyable. I haven't even looked at HIVE in the last three weeks and just discovered your reply.
I have a post I'm fixing to drop right now so .... I will cut this short.
Happy new year to you and Mrs. Walton ,

Thank you. We were double-digits below zero almost the entire week of Christmas and I could have done without that but, otherwise, the Holidays were good. I appreciate it. Happy New Year to you and yours Sult!

We weren't double digits below zero but we were in the mid teens for three nights last week. That is plenty cold for our part of Texas where our average temp on Christmas Day is 70 degrees.