Seasoned with Sult N Papper 02/25/19> Slavery is alive and well in the United States and no one seems to care…

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Go ahead and ask; “What the hell are you talking about?”

Well, that is the first question I would ask if read the title of this edition so I got that out of the way for you pronto; now I’ll explain.

In fact, I may have exaggerated a little with that title in saying “no one” because I actually care and there are some others but not many. Most people don’t even know that slavery still exists so how could they care?

For those of you...

For those of you who think I am talking about southern plantations and black slaves working on them like back in the 1800’s that isn’t what I am talking about. Besides, president Lincoln and his army were getting their asses kicked by south in the civil war and it wasn’t a war “about slavery” it was about government debt.

The slavery aspect of the civil war came about when Lincoln needed to do something in order try and bolster his troop’s numbers and freed slaves seemed like it would be an easy move to get more troops fighting for the Union Army so he freed the slaves. Numerous, then freed former black slaves, did join the Union Army so it did work.

Today the largest slave...

Today the largest slave owner in the world is the United States government; and no, I am not talking about the military. If you are thinking it is all the prisoners incarcerated here in the U.S. that is just a fraction of the slave population. The thing with the prisoners is that they know they are slaves to government, the largest slave population here in the USA doesn’t even know they are slaves. Citizens are slaves.

Yes, the U.S. citizens...

Yes, the U.S. citizens are slaves and most aren’t even aware of it or how it happened. That doesn’t change anything though, U.S. citizens are slaves and being ignorant slaves are exactly the ones the government likes the most.

The majority of the slaves in the U.S. haven’t a clue about this since the majority of them were “educated” in an education program administered under the direction of the U.S. government. If there is one thing, besides going into debt, that the U.S. government knows how to do that would be keeping the truth from the American people.

I'll be damned...

I’ll be damned if I didn’t spend the last two hours looking for some examples of just how ignorant we are and got sidetracked in doing it; but that was a good thing.

Seeing how April 15th is approaching and that is the day you have to have your Federal Income tax papers filed I found myself looking around in Title 26 of the US Code. Title 26 of the US code is where the government tricks you into believing you have to pay Federal income tax, it is known as the INTERNAL REVENUE CODE.

Just on face value of the name alone it should raise some questions starting with the word “internal” let’s see how Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word “internal”;

  1. “existing or situated within the limits or surface of something; such as
    a. (1) : situated near the inside of the body
    (2) : situated on the side toward the median plane of the body
    b. : of, relating to, or occurring on the inside of an organized structure ( such as a club, company or state)
  2. : relating or belonging to or existing within the mind
    // internal evidence of a forged document
  4. : present or arising from within an organism or one of its parts
    // internal stimulus
  5. : applied or intended for application through the stomach by being swallowed

Based on the definition of the word “internal” it looks like 1. b is the only applicable explanation and since it is the U.S. Government code it must be only applicable to those in the U.S. Government.

Moving on to the word “revenue” we find it defined by MW dictionary as

  1. : the total income produced by a given source
  2. : the gross income returned by an investment
  3. : the yield of sources of income (such as taxes) that a political unit (such as a nation or state) collects and receives into the treasury for public use
  4. : a government department concerned with collection of the national revenue

A person could just about apply any of these four definitions to the use of the word “revenue” in the title “INTERNAL REVENUE CODE” but number 3 or 4 most likely applies.

So that leaves us with one more word; “code”. So we go back to the dictionary for one last time and the definition of code.

Merriam Webster’s dictionary has a whole bunch of explanations or definitions of code so I will just cut to the chase and give you the one that I see fitting here since the code is written. You can go check the rest for yourself but 3.(c) is : coded language; a word or phrase chosen in place of another word or phrase in order to communicate an attitude or meaning without stating it explicitly.

Heaven knows that nothing is ever stated explicitly in codes that the government writes and if you couple that with another definition that proceeded that one I gave you it will tell you that part of code is often to hide secret meanings. Well they damn sure do a good job of that, hiding secret meanings.

It might just be...

It might just be that the INTERNAL REVENUE CODE was never meant for you or me but only for government workers.
Now some of you might be saying hogwash, it applies to everyone here in the U.S.; government or not. Maybe, but when is the last time you actually read Title 26 of the U.S. Code?

What’s that you say, you haven’t read it? Why not?

I know the reason...

I know the reason why; it is too long and too complicated to read and understand. Besides, you like giving your hard earned Federal Reserve Notes back to the government so they can waste them on things like researching the mating habits of penguins in Antarctica or guzbucking stuff like that.

If by chance you should go and read Title 26 of the U.S. Code the place to start is obviously at the beginning and would be Subtitle A.> Income Taxes > Subtitle 1. Normal Taxes and Surtaxes> Subchapter A. Determination of Tax Liability > Part I. TAX ON INDIVIDUALS > Section I. TAX IMPOSED.
There you will find right off the bat that this is going to be a chase down a bunch of “rabbit holes” if you actually read what is written and not assume ANYTHING.

We have had it beaten into our brains our entire life that we have to pay income tax so it would be prudent on our part to know exactly what the government has determined “income” to be. (Good luck finding that by the way.)

If you do elect to give Title 26 a look I suggest you Google it and you will find Cornell Law School and they have the best text of Title 26 and the text has words underlined(hot linked) that will give you the definition of the word as defined inside the code. Yes, words like “tax” are even underlined and we all know the definition of tax so no need in clicking on it right?

If you answered “yes” you just proved what I was saying about assuming things. According to the definition of tax as determined by the code it is;
“(a)The penalties and liabilities provided by this subchapter shall be paid upon notice and demand by the Secretary, and shall be assessed and collected in the same manner as taxes. Except as otherwise provided, any reference in this title to “tax” imposed by this title shall be deemed also to refer to the penalties and liabilities provided by this subchapter.” source Cornell Law website.

So no need in clicking on it right?

According to the definition a person doesn’t have to pay the tax until “notice and demand” has been made by the Secretary. The other very interesting thing in this definition of tax is that it is the “penalties and liabilities” provided by the subchapter and are collected in the same manner as “taxes”.

If I read that correctly tax and taxes are not the same thing, it says it right there if you read what is written. So maybe “taxes”(plural) are voluntary like we have been told, but the “tax” (penalties and liabilities) are not. I might also mention that the definition of the word tax is hidden deep in Title 26 at subsection 6671.

Why do people send in their hard earned FRN’s when the Secretary hasn’t made notice or given them a demand?

Who is this Secretary anyway? There is no Secretary of the IRS, there is a Commissioner of Internal Revenue, but I’ll be damned if I can find the Secretary of the Internal Revenue so that Secretary must be the Secretary of the Treasury. If you ever received a refund for over paying your taxes that check you received came from the U.S. Treasury.

Let me move along here before I get side tracked again.

Anyone who has filed a form 1040 at tax time is familiar with the term “adjusted gross income”, right? I see you nodding your heads in agreement. For those of you who aren’t in the U.S.; adjusted gross income is the final number that is determined you owe taxes on once a person takes the deductions they are eligible to take. Those deductions are the “adjustment”. It is also referred to as taxable income.

Can anyone here in the U.S. tell me what specifically is included in adjusted gross income?

I didn’t think so. There are 18 different items listed as specific to adjusted gross income, so if it isn’t listed then it shouldn’t be included now should it? No it should not.

If you go down the list nowhere on there will you find that compensation earned from your trading labor for wages is on that list. So why in the hell are you doing it?

I can’t stress enough that you need to read what is written in the code and quit relying on what you think these terms mean without reading what it means inside the code.

So, here we go...

§61. Gross income defined
(a) General definition
Except as otherwise provided in this subtitle, gross income means all income from whatever source derived, including (but not limited to) the following items:
(1) Compensation for services, including fees, commissions, fringe benefits, and similar items;
(2) Gross income derived from business;
(3) Gains derived from dealings in property;
(4) Interest;
(5) Rents;
(6) Royalties;
(7) Dividends;
(8) 1 Alimony and separate maintenance payments;
(9) Annuities;
(10) Income from life insurance and endowment contracts;
(11) Pensions;
(12) Income from discharge of indebtedness;
(13) Distributive share of partnership gross income;
(14) Income in respect of a decedent; and
(15) Income from an interest in an estate or trust.

Sure, in subsection 61 Gross Income Defined it does mention under the General definition that compensation for services, including fees, commissions, fringe benefits are included in Gross Income. It is also preceded with , “Except as otherwise provided in this subtitle" and that is where 26 U.S. Code Subtitle A Part II comes in; ITEMS SPECIFICALLY INCLUDED IN GROSS INCOME, that is the “unless otherwise provided” but most people don’t read that far.

The General definition said “all income from whatever source derived” so why is there a need for “ITEMS SPECIFICALLY INCLUDED IN GROSS INCOME? It should make you wonder...

Remembered what we said about coded language and communicating a meaning without explicitly stating it? This is how they do it, they tell you one thing and lead you to believe it and then turn around in the next section where the specifics are and it is nowhere to be found. The other word that hasn’t been defined is “income” and you aren’t going to find it defined in Title 26 of the U.S. code.

Here is what is specifically included in Gross Income...


  1. Alimony and separate maintenance payments.
  2. Annuities; certain proceeds of endowment and life insurance contracts.
  3. Services of child.
  4. Prizes and awards.
  5. Dealers in tax-exempt securities.
  6. Repealed.
  7. Commodity credit loans.
  8. Dividends received from certain foreign corporations by domestic corporations choosing foreign tax credit.1
  9. Group-term life insurance purchased for employees.
  10. Restoration of value of certain securities.
  11. Repealed.
  12. Reimbursement of moving expenses.
  13. Property transferred in connection with performance of services.
  14. Transfer of appreciated property to political organizations.
  15. Unemployment compensation.
  16. Social security and tier 1 railroad retirement benefits.
  17. Alcohol and biodiesel fuels credits.
  18. Certain amounts with respect to nuclear decommissioning costs.
  19. Repealed.
  20. Illegal Federal irrigation subsidies.
  21. Certain foreign branch losses transferred to specified 10-percent owned foreign corporations.
    Source :

I did in fact...

I did in fact get side tracked again; the IRS just pisses me off with all their bull shit and tons of rules and regulations. I was talking about slavery and they are definitely slave masters.

Here, in my opinion, is why you won’t find the word income defined; you have never earned any lawful money that can be taxed and they know it. You were paid with FRN’s (Federal Reserve Notes) which are nothing more than an I.O.U. and until you are paid with a lawful money, back by physical gold or silver, you have not received any income.

So they dance...

So they dance around and lead you down rabbit hole after rabbit hole chasing definitions of words until you finally just give up and give in. Most people don’t even start the chase since they have grown up “knowing” that you have to pay income taxes. We assume to damn much and we read far too little.

I'll give you a...

I’ll give you a little secret, income tax is voluntary and I will also show you where you can read that and you won’t find it in Title 26 of the U.S. Code.

But before I do I need to ask you a couple other questions; is a gift not something that is given willingly? Also, the word "bequest" means the money or property that someone gives to someone else after their death does it not?

Okay, keep those two words in mind; gift and bequest.

If you will...

If you will to go to Title 31 of The U.S. Code; Section 321, GENERAL AUTHORITY OF THE SECRETARY and go down to (d)2. it reads, “(2) For purposes of the Federal income, estate, and gift taxes, property accepted under paragraph (1) shall be considered as a gift or bequest to or for the use of the United States.” Sourced from Cornell Law.

It also mentions paragraph 1 and I imagine you are thinking there is something in paragraph 1 that gives paragraph 2 a completely different meaning than what you read so here is paragraph (d)1.
” The Secretary of the Treasury may accept, hold, administer, and use gifts and bequests of property, both real and personal, for the purpose of aiding or facilitating the work of the Department of the Treasury. Gifts and bequests of money and the proceeds from sales of other property received as gifts or bequests shall be deposited in the Treasury in a separate fund and shall be disbursed on order of the Secretary of the Treasury. Property accepted under this paragraph, and the proceeds thereof, shall be used as nearly as possible in accordance with the terms of the gift or bequest.” Sourced from Cornell Law.

So there you have it, the income taxes you believe you are required to pay are most definitely a voluntary gift but nowhere in Title 26 of the U.S. Code (INTERNAL REVENUE CODE) will you find that information, just like you won’t find the definition of income. Codes have secrets and that is one that the U.S. government doesn’t want you to know.

Are you tired of giving gifts to the U.S. Government?

There are plenty more areas where I could show how slavery exists here in the USA but I’m tired and need to call it a night. We are slaves here; the government just allows us to move freely around the plantation as long as we keep sending the slave masters gifts or don’t break the rules of the plantation.

This edition of Seasoned with Sult N Papper is not intended as legal or tax advice, it is solely for entertainment purposes and to stimulate the reader to investigate such matters on their own.

Until next time,

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I'd have a couple of really modest disagreements, but only on the edges. One would be about the Civil War and the causes and conditions that we can go into one day if you like, but the fact is (for me) that slavery played a part but was not the primary reason for the war. That heroic stance was adopted post war.

In truth Bobby Lee had the war won after the first battle of Bull Run and he missed one of the few opportunities in his career. You see, the North fought to win the war (conquer territory) and the South fought to not lose the war (hold territory).

Lincoln and Grant knew that numbers were on their side.

Did you know that there was a published report to the Southern Leadership in 1863 that proposed freeing and arming the slaves? And that the General (an Irish citizen named Kelly) was summarily, disgraced and deported? That all 8 known copies of said report were seized and destroyed? That one certified copy was not destroyed and discovered in the 1960s AND verified?

So, now I'm down a rabbit hole.

I have had the secretary demand payment of me. It's issued in the form of a Federal Tax Lien, and let me tell you what: That's a nasty thing to run into. NASTY. For one thing the burden of proof is entirely on the tax payer and it's a vile rat hole.

The whole truth is that for about 20 years I had to follow section 26 to the letter as applied by the IRS. That was just to keep me out of jail. Pure and simple. You know you are in trouble when your 'advisor' (as appointed by the secretary) tells you to bring your toothbrush to the next appointment.

So, yeah. I really do agree with the main thrust of your article. I'd maybe list most of us as 'indentured servants' because there is at least a small article of acquiescence to the IRS at some point. I stood on the edge where I was looking at true Slavery, Federal Prison, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been sent to one of those places where I needed my golf clubs to get along. :) I took the easier, softer road.

Thanks for a great article. I really do appreciate it.

I accept disagreements with open arms Tom but you know that already. I hadn't heard the story of Gen. Kelly and his plan but it might have served the South to have listened to him a little closer instead of running him out of the country.
The great thing about rabbit holes is that you never really know what you are going to find, plus rabbits are good eating and if get enough of them they make an awesome fur jacket.
Sorry to hear about your IRS experience and that ordeal. One thing is for sure, they don't let up once they sink their fangs into you, they are like a baby copper head snake, they don't know how to regulate their venom so they latch on and keep pumping it out.
Good to know you managed to avoid a stay at one of the Club Feds, chances are you wouldn't have gotten a room at one of their five star properties.
Thanks for the continued support, very much appreciated my friend.

Oh, man. It was an ordeal. They were convinced I was a drug dealer. I wasn't. I was actually dealing wheat. But they estimated my income at $1 million for a couple of years and whacked me with a 500k lien. I was 25. In order to fight it I'd have had to give up a couple people that helped me in my scheme. I couldn't do it.

And for the record, I really never made $20 k. But I ran about 100k through a bank account one year. I was young and dumb.

Did get the swat/dope team to my place a couple of times :) That was exciting...

I think the South would have won the war had they done that. That would have taken the heart out of the North. Or if Bobby Lee would have taken Philly in '63.

I'm not so sure that would have been a good thing in the long term.

Well wheat is a pretty dangerous substance too according to some medical professionals so .... back when you were 25 $1 million was a whole bunch of money, amazing how running $100K through the bank equals $1 million in earnings in the governments eyes. With math like that it is no wonder why this country has been bankrupt for the last century and we are passing around IOU's pretending them to be money.
It is funny to think about if the south had won the war, the nations capital would probably be in Atlanta or Birmingham.

Mr Papper's back in full force, that was a real mouthful!
When it comes to tax matters, you are so right, although I have not read our tax laws, we're definitely slaves here in South Africa as a big percentage of our hard earned money gets used to fill the pockets of family connected companies who often fail to deliver services, plus to fill the back pockets of those in power!
I had a chuckle at your closing line!

I wouldn't say full force but I am getting back up to speed slowly and steadily. We have our fair share of the "family connected" stuff as well and it is clearly evident in our political parties with the Bushs' and the Clintons'.
Some times the truth will make a person chuckle, even if it is disgusting.

Well I am lucky to not pay tax here but if I decide to stay and retire here then I will be hit with it of course so I found this such an interesting read

All of people here could be as lucky as you not to pay tax here if we just would be the free people that we claim to be instead of slaves fearful of the slave masters.
I have done some more research tonight and I will hopefully write a follow up on this tax stuff in a day or two.
There really is no law that says we have to pay individual income taxes. The whole thing is a bunch of smoke and mirrors , all 9,000 pages or more of it.

Aren’t most laws smoke and mirrors when you think about it
I do pay tax in a way just not here at the moment

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Goodness, that's complicated... but I don't really need convincing on this issue. We are slaves to the banks, and governments are the overseers.

Well said, and that was were I was originally headed when I first sat down to talk about slavery was the banks and the financial system but like has been known to happen with me I got side tracked and ended up on income taxes.

When I read your title, I assume you would be going down an entirely different avenue with your blog since you started a new job recently. Most jobs I've held in the past were "salaried" positions where I did not have to punch a time-clock (which was good) BUT where tons of work had to be done on a much-too-short time schedule so unpaid overtime was almost always necessary (which was bad). There were many periods where 12–18 hour days were common among my coworkers and I, just to satisfy the demands of Corporate America. I though you had fallen into the same situation with your new employment. So glad that isn't the case!

Yes, those salaried 18 hour days surely could be considered a form of slavery but not for this edition. My new job isn't any different in the number of hours as the prior one, I work about between 6 and 8 hours a day at it. What has really been eating away at my free time has been that part time business I started doing the CAD drawings, some days I won't have any to do and then I will get 3, 4, and even more that need to be done by the next week so that is were the time crunch has come about. But the money on the drawings is good so I can't complain.
The new job is great and the owners are the best I have worked for in a very long time.

I felt like Nicholas Cage reading your post my friend; looking through secret cabinets, desks...


You are right! I've seen so many articles on this; actual employees of the IRS going to court, being sued... on and on, but weren't EVER actually able to have someone show where it says...

You have to pay taxes

You certainly did your homework on this, and I appreciate that you did; I learned several things, and will be doing some research of my own...

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There are a few good people that worked for the IRS and have been very vocal about this subject. Once they figured out that they in fact couldn't find it in the code that said we had to pay income taxes they quit.
I can't think of the name of the case right now but I remember watching a video that was about one man who did beat the IRS on charges of tax evasion. That particular case was based exactly on "show me law". It ended up in a jury trial and the jurors deliberated and deliberated. They kept sending notes to the judge to provide them a copy of the section of the code that made the defendant liable to pay and the judge kept telling them they had "all the information" they needed, which was nothing. So after lengthy deliberation one juror finally said, "The judge keeps saying "we have all we need" with regard to the law but we have nothing, what if there isn't anything in the law? We can't convict a person on a law that we can't read for ourselves."
It was a woman on the jury and she explained that it took some convincing of the other jurors because all of them were income tax payers. In the end they did find him not guilty of the charges.
There are some things cooking right now here in the US as a group of people have figured out that the courts they are charging people in don't have jurisdiction and have gotten the judges to actually confirm it in writing that they don't have jurisdiction over the matter. Of course the lawyers people hire are not going to tell you the court doesn't have jurisdiction, they want the money from you for hours and hours of work they do on your case, and some may not even know it. The government surely wouldn't haul a person into court on charges knowing the court didn't have jurisdiction now would they is what the lawyers are probably thinking. So things are heating up and will continue to get hotter on this subject.
Thanks for reading and the comment, very much appreciated.

I believe what you're mentioning, is the very thing I was thinking of as well. I know it pays to stay informed, but much like cannabis, taxes... or rather, not paying them is a touchy subject. I won't even start about chemtrails or Agenda 21...

~getting my aluminum hat, moment~

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Yes indeed, taxes are complicated, taxes are a pain, taxes...

I have heard it mentioned by many on this platform that, taxes are theft. This is a subject that is way above my pay-grade. I do know for a fact though; current and past policymakers have mismanaged funds they received from payroll deductions, property taxes, inheritance taxes, capital gains, etc. It is factual that just about every level of government has used the rob Peter to pay Paul method of budgeting.

Social Security is a fine example. It was created during the depression, when Franklin Roosevelt was President, as a Trust. Social Security was never meant to be a tax, but more like an insurance premium paid both by the employed and the employer. President Lyndon B. Johnson was the first to dip his beak into this Fund to help pay for the Vietnam War. Other Presidents/Legislatures have done the same over the years. The sad thing is, this is actually against the Law!

Change takes time, yet your article has educated me as well as my fellow commenters. I thank you for taking the time to share this information. To quote a very smart guy...

Image Source:   Pinterest, Dennis OConnor

Thanks for dropping by Sgt., old Einstein was right about what he said, at least I believe he was with that quote you shared.
You are absolutely correct about the mismanagement of funds, and that happens on all levels of government it isn't just something the Fed's have monopoly on. They just look better at it than most other governments because of their size.
I don't know that I would taxes outright theft but income taxes are definitely a form of extortion at the very least. It is funny(sic) that the government calls it a gift and the citizens call it theft. The real theft took place long ago when the government confiscated all the gold back in 1933 and replaced real money with printed FRN's.
Social security is a subject I hate to even tackle, it is another good idea gone bad for sure because people in control have no self control.
Thanks for the support Sarge, very much appreciated.

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You really outdid yourself here, you made me think about things from a different perspective. This serves as an excellent reminder that the victors write the history books. I've read about people who try to take the stance that taxes are voluntary and the IRS makes their lives a living hell. That doesn't mean that taxes are, indeed, mandatory only that they have the power to punish those who don't play their game. I wouldn't even mind paying taxes if they were used for the greater good but to know what that money is actually spent on makes my skin crawl if I think about it too hard. It's difficult to watch the US fall further and further behind in quality of life standards as our military gets mightier, the middle class disappears, and the 1% get richer.

People are catching on and I did have a little time on Tuesday night to do some more research, my theory on why you won't find income defined in the tax code is a good theory but not the reason. It turns out that at least 9 Supreme court decisions have all ruled that income is corporate profits. For most of us we aren't incorporated and thus we can't have corporate profits.
Those people I mentioned that are catching on have also figured out that the court the IRS hauls you into doesn't have jurisdiction on IRS matters but unless you challenge jurisdiction the court will hear the case. Some people have even gone as far now to write the chief justices of the courts and have gotten back letters stating that fact. So these people have pressed the issue further and opened up their law suit against the iRS and have gotten court orders for the IRS to stop collection efforts. Which makes it impossible for the IRS to hassle them, otherwise the IRS agent and his superiors can be charged with contempt of court for violating a court order.
The victors do write the history books and also all the books used in the education system... that explains a whole bunch.
Thanks for the support Eric, I am swamped now this week, I had 13 drawings show up in my email inbox on Wednesday that I need to have done by the end of the weekend.

It's all one big house of cards, isn't it? Wow, you are a busy man! I wish you luck getting it all done!

Just finished up and sent out the last drawing so I am caught up on those for the moment, so looks like like I get a half a day off for the weekend but I am not complaining. It is a house of cards but that isn't the worst part, it is all the deception that has taken and continues to take place that is the biggest issue for me.
This country was set up in a very unique way from any other country in the world and because of all the crocked politicians dating way back, not just the ones now, we are no different than most other countries. The only difference is we "think" we are different, we are just to ignorant to know we are not. The crown controls us just like they do the people on the other side of the pond.

That's great, I hope you were able to enjoy what was left of the weekend! After traveling outside of this country I can definitely say the US markets itself more effectively than most. People within its borders believe they are living a life of unbridled freedom and many outside of its borders are lured here by that same promise. I'd be interested to learn more about how the crown still controls us.