Who is in charge of the pack? / Кто в стае главный?

Lived a dog 12 years master in the house...and suddenly there was a small dog, which became the most important in the house...


Жил пёс 12 лет хозяином в доме...и вдруг появилась маленькая собачка, которая стала самой главной в доме...


all the best seats in the front rows
все лучшие места в первых рядах


her Highness is resting....

её высочество отдыхают....



Very funny! The small dog is sitting on top of the old dog!! LoL

aha...an old libertine has a young toy for himself

Good thing they get along as friends. No quarrel I hope!

Yes, they are friends, although the girl is very jealous

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