Account Recovery, Persistent Video Plays, Auto Node Switching and Several Other Improvements

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We are excited to bring Auto Node Switching, Account recovery, Better storage parsing and a ton of new enhancements. We don’t want to leave any stone unturned and we want to provide a well built application with sufficient features and reliable functionalities. The updates are as follows -

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1. Account Recovery

We have integrated Account Recovery using HiveSigner and a user will now be able to change its recovery account using Dapplr swiftly. This features although was not mandatory but we thought of including it as a part of this update to fulfil our app with most of the available features on the HIVE blockchain.

2. Auto Node Switching

HIVE nodes were facing quite a lot of issues so it became necessary for us to integrate it to make the whole experience seamless. Now, with this automation, the app feels a whole lot reliable and the APIs work as expected.

3. Persistent Video Plays

With this update, a user now will be able to play the video where he/she left off. We experienced this feature need and it has to be there to improve the overall UX. In addition, the video buffering has also been improved quite a lot.

4. Better Storage Instance Creation and Parsing

There were quite a lot of separate Storage instances which were taking a lot of memory and we have now removed most of the instance creation which has really helped us to pump up the performance and reduce the memory utilisation. In addition, As we are aggregating the data, we also had to improve the Storage content parsing for better User experience. So, the whole experience is now flawless.

5. Other Enhancements

There were some issue related to permlink, summary text, Widget parsing time, SDK upgrade and a few other minor things. We have integrated all these in this update and the app now feels a whole lot better with amazing performance.

Upcoming Work?

  1. Video Improvement - Allow user to play video and navigate simultaneously.
  2. Exclusive Community Mode
  3. Work on HiveSSO alongside to have an MVP.
  4. Work on Open sourcing the Hive library in Dart (Flutter).

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@tipu curate

Yep I didn't see this one ;)
And just put another on top of it ;)

But still actually I was right your didn't when thru...

not a big mobile user, but it is great to have a good option.

Thanks for your support 🙌

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I love it! Awesome app Dapplr!

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Hi @kalikalejawp

Thank you for your feedback 🙌

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I really enjoy using the app!
Hope to see it ruining in full power sooner ;)

@tipu curate

Hey @dapplr team.
I was looking into something:
The Preview of my profil:

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Hey there.
Just a quick question is there a schedule 📅 a post option somewhere in here or still not...
Thanks in advance...

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Hi, no. Not yet. But we have some plans for its integration in future.

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Thank you 🙏
Also I left another message about the thumbnail from 3speak are not visible...

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Great point, that itches me as well.
And the scedual is a must have 👍
Good feedback, gets you a upvote and !BEER 🍻

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Thank you 🙏
Namaste 🙏

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When will Dapplr be available for iPhones?

Hi @markkujantunen

It is available in Public Beta on TestFlight -

Thank you!

How secure would you say using that version would be?

It's the same version that will go live on App store and you can freely use it 🙌

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Thanks again!

When do you expect to be launched in the app store?

Most of the stuff is already there. The most crucial part that we are trying to integrate is the onboarding process native to the platform.

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Great. Onboarding is key. Then just need some twitter mainia to get you to go viral

Sorry I respond before I saw that the answer you already...
It is available...
I'm running it on my iPhone
You will need a test flight to make it run

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Good job, keep it up!

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Hi @olivia08

Thank you for your feedback.

Im using it for how many months and feel so easy.


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Hi @jude.villarta

Thank you for your feedback.

Greetings, excellent innovation for those of us who use this application, thank you very much

Thank you for your support.

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Well done !!! - will there be miners for the token?

Hi @russia-btc
It's still under discussion but there will be some pre mined tokens which will be airdropped to the Dapplr app users.

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Super cool!

Thanks a lot for your work. The app is really one of the best on Hive. The stability and speed of the program are impressive. I wish you success with your project.

Thank you for your continuous support 🙌

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Awesome. I was looking for a fast way to access Hive on mobile. Will give it a go soon.

Awesome 👍

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Good work!👍

Thank you for your feedback 👍

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Great news ! I’ve been testing it and I really like changing the app color skin. This is really a great project !

Awesome. Thank you for your feedback 🙌

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Started using it
Will compare it with Ecency as it's the main app I used
So far it feels and look good
Would like to see trending, top or hot post as an option
Keep up the good work

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CoOL. thank you for your feedback 👍

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Looking great guys. Do you have an onboarding strategy?

Excelent video

Hey, @dapplr team!
If I have to report something should I shoot it to the testing feedback in the TestFlight app?

I have problem uploading photos from my IOS device, videos no problem ;)

Thanks in advance

Posted using Dapplr

Now the opposite I can upload photo but I can’t upload video...

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Hey, @dapplr team.
Also there is no sync between dapplr and peakd thumbnail edit.

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Account recovery isn’t working for me.

When do we expect Dapplr to migrate to the full app store and out of testnet on Apple?

Just some feedback 3speak previews don't seem to work on Dapplr.

I have started using dapplr on IOS two days ago ans I am impressed. It is the best experience I've had on hive mobile.

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Any news about the next update?

Hi, just a short feedback, as I love the app!

  1. i can no longer upload videos somehow. This is a huge issue as I used the app mainly to upload clips and I shure want to keep publishing with @dapplr so please fix this as soon as you can.
    Normal users leave when they can not upload their content.

  2. I can not see who I am following, when tqping on my followers it says thet I have not followed anyone yet, but I do 🤠

  3. Can not wait for the airdrop 🍀

Greez, and !BEER 🍻

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Hi, can we get a update on HF25 please, I have issues uploading videos, it flips them upsight down when uploading.
Greez 🍀

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Hey @dapplr, here is a little bit of BEER from @sandymeyer for you. Enjoy it!

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