Bookmarks, Optional Dapplr Beneficiary, Session Management, Image Compression and Much More

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Hello, Today we have released a major update which includes ability to bookmark posts, optional dapplr beneficiary, better multi account push notifications, session management and so much more. The testing of these features took most of our time, now the update will be out in a few hours and all of these features are included in the update and a lot of improvements in terms of performance and UI. Details of the features are given below

App StoreScreenshots23.jpg

New Features and Enhancements

1. Ability to add Bookmarks

You will now be able to bookmark your favourite posts easily and you can access your bookmarks in the profile section just like Instagram. It will give you the ability to always store the posts that you like or would like to read in future. We think this is a core feature that is required for any social media application. Each and every post has an option button from where you can bookmark the same.



2. Optional Dapplr beneficiary

A lot of HIVE users requested this feature and now with the update, they will be able to enable or disable the 5% beneficiary reward to the dapplr app. We want to focus on a much bigger audience and not discourage new content creators by forcing them to have Dapplr as a beneficiary. We believe, it would give some boost to the users to use HIVE blockchain and create posts without worrying.


3. Better multi account push notifications

Push notifications for multi accounts has been improved tremendously and there is quite a lot of improvements while logging in or switching between the accounts.

4. Multi Account Session Management

Session management is very important when it comes to security and seamless UX without any hiccups. We are managing a device level session for all of the accounts logged in the app. It just makes a whole lot sense to make use of device level session instead of account level session. It has also helped us improving the Push Notifications flow.

5. Spacing, Alignment and Text fixes

We noticed that we were using quite a lot of padding and extra spacing to the left and right so we decreased it a bit to have more area for the content visibility. In terms of text fixes, we noticed, in some of the posts there were some random characters being appended so we have now rectified it.


6. Faster Image Filters and Image compression

We were seeing that the filters were taking quite a lot of time because of all the graphic processing so we have managed to improved this by compression and processing images in parallel. It has given us tremendous gains in terms of performance. Another issue was, some of the images having large size were not being cached by so we have added the image compression. Image compression is completely dependent on the size of the image so no need to worry for mid to high resolution images.


7. Better Error Handling

Error handling is a core part of an application and we were seeing some of the issues (also reported by the Alpha Team) so we spent some time on this to integrate better error handling. It just made Dapplr a whole lot efficient, reliable and robust.

These are the improvements that we have done and Dapplr is becoming more and more stable everyday. The time is very near when we will release Dapplr to the public. Thanks to the Dapplr Alpha team for suggestions and meaningful ideas.

Open Access - Android

After these fixes, Dapplr is more robust, reliable and efficient. So we are taking another step by giving the access to many more people of the community but we have set the restriction of 1000 people and we will see how it goes. Referral system is up and running so don't forget to refer your friends with your referral link.

iOS Version Coming Soon

We got our Apple account approved recently and we are working on some iOS level customisations and bugs. We are almost done with it and we will upload iOS version in a few days. Apple will review the app and after that it will be live on App Store/TestFlight.

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yay! I've been dying to use it on iOS hehe

Excelente, cada vez con mejor funcionamiento. Si ahora es buena, lo que viene será asombroso.

Nice to hear that iOS might be just around the corner!

I'm so happy to hear all that great enhancements and proud to sustain your DAO proposal!

!BEER & !tip

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awesome! great you guys are pushing the updates :))

It's always a great day when Dapplr announces a host of new updates to the amazing app! It's working beautifully day-to-day, although I do have one issue... Sometimes the comments that I'm drafting would disappear if I leave the app for a moment, scroll around the post, or maybe while selecting an image/GIF.

It might be an issue with caching data, thus erasing what I've already written and forcing me to write it again. It doesn't always happen, but it can be frustrating when it does. Hopefully someone else can verify this issue so it would be fixed. It's doubly annoying when you're writing excessively long comments like mine 🙃

Hi @zacknorman97

Thank you for your feedback. We will look into this issue. Thank you for your continuous support.

Cheers, and thanks for looking into it. Keep up the amazing work <3

Looks great can't wait for the iOS version!

Hi @iliyan90

We are excited too. Stay tuned for the updates.

I’m thanks ;)

very good
improvement for @threespeak videos would be great!

Hi @Felix.herrmann

We will look into this and the areas which can be improved.

love the updates!! 😉👍🏼 I do enjoy using @dapplr 😍😍

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Hi @iamraincrystal

Thank you for your continuous support and feedback.

Extremely happy to see the beneficiary option. The proposal was not passed when I found dapplr and I spread it around in excitement. The past few weeks, I'd been having issues with photos uploading and see that was one of the things that got tackled too. Will be trying it out and will let you know, thanks for beimg attentive!

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Hi @enginewitty

Thank you for your feedback. Let us know if you face any other issues.

Just got this when trying to edit my last comment, 'beimg'.

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Posted using Dapplr

Thank you for reporting this issue. We will look into this.

We love updates. Just a question. Any benefits for users that keep the 5% dapplr beneficiary?

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Hi @sergiomendes

No. Not until the Dapplr token is launched.

Nice. Cool.

Nice update. @dapplr you guys are doing a great job. Finally people working on this chain with focussing on marketing as well. Thank you! 😁

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This good tutorial

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fantastic update
I will check the app on android!

ok some true feedback
I went on android to download dapplr
did so
it showed 2 options
Hivesigner to login for existing
and Hiveonboard to create new acc
I wanted to create new account
I clicked on create new account
I use brave browser ob mobile
A new window opened but did not load (white blank screen)
I waited and waited...
Uninstalled the app.

This app looks amazing. Again, can't wait for IOS.

Waiting for the IOS version to come out.🤩

@dapplr you're doing great work!
I wonder if you could even be a frontend for other dapps.
That would make your name EPIC! @appics for instance. They keep jumping blockchain but haven't got anything near as polished to deliver content.

You don't get support here because that crap @ecency likely made sure the WhaleJerkoffClub doesn't support you but people know quality when they see it. The blockchain/dapp game is young. Your mobile approach is definitely on the right path.

I love it! I am really happy with the updates, plus the GiF in the comment box, better than mainstream social media platforms

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@dapplr. The optional dapplr beneficiary does not appear in my settings, and there is no update on playstore. Not sure if I have up to date version, or if playstore does not

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The app update is not live yet.

I am having problems with the Next button overlapping the text. This only happens at the end of long posts.

Could it be helpful to move the Next button to the empty blue space at the bottom, next to the GIF icon?

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Hi @claudio83

The "Next" button is draggable. You can drag it to the top.

Great! Thank you 🙏

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Consider adding search feature with Hivesearcher!
Also would be great to get added into posts link on your website, if I remember correctly, only and peakd are listed there.

Hi @good-karma

Sure. We are planning on adding this and its designs are under progress.

We will add the Ecency on our site too. We will also reach out to you regarding the Dapplr Videos support on Ecency.

Thanks for letting us know.

Great, thanks!
Oh right, we will need to add that into our renderer so both website and mobile app could support video plays.