Dapplr - A Sneak Peak of Communities Screen, Subscriptions, Notifications and more

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Hello, In this post we want to share our updates on Community Screen, Notification screen, Subscriptions, Static Chat screen UI and more. The community screen is completed and with this a user will be able to check communities posts (trending, recent and hot) and will be able to subscribe to notifications and join the community. We have also added the GRID view animations and now it looks so much smooth and better. We will let you watch the video now…

Dapplr CoverCommunity 1.jpg

Upcoming Annoucement

We have some pretty exciting announcement of our Web App which will utilize the app features and most importantly all of the things will be in sync. We will be writing a post of the announcement very soon. Stay tuned...

Public Assets

We want to provide our east accessible mockups to the community to write blog on us and help us spread the word.
Here is the link - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/147DfEbWyO6-dSXW59RSUhEdeiHAJKamK?usp=sharing

Frontend Progress -

Features Done -

  • Community Screen
  • Author and Communities subscriptions
  • Hive Notifications
  • Static Chat Screen UI
  • A sneak preview of Explore Screen
  • Community Team Members
  • Standalone Notification Subscription Screen
  • Several other minor UI Enhancements

You will be able to see all the features in the video. With these beautiful and necessary features in place, we can now focus on some enhancements stuff e.g Push Notifications, Deep linking and Ofcourse chats. Our goal is to provide a great experience and features so that a user doesn't need to switch between application. We have a really wonderful roadmap for the upcoming features. Stay tuned for the updates.

Design Progress -

  1. Notifications Design
  2. Communities management designs.

Back-end Progress -

  1. Community Subscriptions.
  2. Tags API
  3. Chats manage old Chats Documentation

Inspiration and Difficulties

There are tons of features in such a small form factor and each of the feature is very well designed and placed in the UI. Now, all of these features are seamlessly integrated. We are working very hard to deliver its beta version as soon as the core features are implemented. There has never been a day that we are not thinking about improving the User experience. It doesn't matter how difficult it is to implement a certain feature, if it's worth it then we will deliver it.

We just need your support and feedbacks and keep letting us know about your overall perspective on the app. Each and everyone's perspective matter to us, your thoughts and involvements would help the team boost up their motivation.


  1. Push Notifications
  2. IOS build and testing
  3. Chats integrations

Support us by voting for our proposal

Open Source Proposal -

  • The Dapplr team has been working very hard and we are putting everything that we have got with us. We are putting in our personal resources, designers, animators, tools, testing devices, money and most importantly efforts to make this a standout application from any other social media platform.
  • With our proposal being approved and completely funded, we will open source all of our front-end and back-end code once we have launched the product and out of beta release.
  • We want to give our HIVE community an application that they would love, cheer and feel proud of. If #hive community want it, they will get it.

We want to thank our wonderful supporters - @liondani , @runicar , @ash , @midlet, @joetunex , @zord189 and too many to count.

In order to support open source, Support our proposal

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The money you received for your proposal is probably not enough to keep going with your project for several months or even years. I have a few questions in my mind like -
where do you store all the pictures and videos? Who will pay the costs in the future? Do you want to create your own token on hmt? Are you planning on doing an ICO?
I am really interested in your long-term vision...

Hi @wildflower3

We completely understand that the money from the proposal won't be enough to keep us running. But we are just looking for a break even until our token is released on HIVE.

Definitely, It would have an ICO and it would have dedicated tokens reserved for referrals.

Thank you for your feedback.

This is looking epic. Keep it up.

Hi @intrepidphotos

Thank you for your feedback.

Grid view in-app! Love it.

Hi @soyrosa
Thank you for your feedback and continuous support.


Hi @badpupper

We are also excited to give the best. Let us know if there is any feature that you would love to have in the app.

This might be a pie in the sky wish, but considering how important Gaming is to the HIVE blockchain, it might be a good feature to integrate the same sort of games collection screen that PeakD has. In any case, can't wait for the app!

Edit: And Hive Engine support would also be awesome if possible!

Good idea! Thanks for this.

This is looking great. What are you all thinking about for marketing? Is anyone on the team looking into that yet? Is it something you'd like help with?

Hi @midlet

We don't have anyone for the marketing but we will be having a referral program of inviting users to Dapplr. Rewards will be credited as Dapplr tokens which will be airdropped once our token is out.

We would love to receive any sort of help in terms of marketing and other campaigns.

Excited to test this soon. 😊

Hi @pinoy.viajero

We are excited to give you the best.

Well done on the progress and many thanks for the update. I'm patiently awaiting launch 🙂 such a cool App it delights me.

Hi @joetunex

Thanks for your feedback and continuous support.

It looks amazing and beautiful @dapplr. Is it possible to include a text translator? Just like google crhome? Will the wallet be accessed.? and how can you access https://wallet.hive.blog/market?

It would be interesting to use the phone more from a single interface to carry out operations and socialize with the rest of the hiveans. I really wish you the best for your project. They are very resourceful and talented. I hope you find that helping hand that supports you financially in everything, because it is worth it.

Hive needs something in device apps. An app for everyone to access easily. Without the need to use the computer to write any article, comment etc. By the way will the videos be played directly or sent to us outside the app?

The video will be played directly in the app. e.g D.tube, 3Speak, Dapplr Videos and Youtube is supported as of now.

Hi @saracampero
We haven't really gave language translation a thought yet but we can look at it later and once we have the core features integrated.

Wallet related feature such as Transfer, Delegation, PowerUp, Send Gifts will be a part of the launch. Market is going to be on our roadmap.

Thank you for your feedback.

I hope that this will be the main application for me - I am delighted with your work - I am confident in the success of the application and will be happy to use it!

hi @russia-btc

Thank you for your feedback and support, Let us know if there is any feature you would love to have in the app.

I would like to be able to correspond P2P as Direct in the Instagram application

Do you mean communication with the other people?

Yes, as Direct on Instagram

I don’t know how much I can take of these teaser posts for real

Hi @chekohler

These previews are directly taken from the Testing device. It is what it will look on any mobile device.

That’s why it hurts so much, I want to use it so badly! Also would the code be made available to white label for say a tribe wanting to isolate a certain part of the chain and skin in their branding?

We want to deliver the best so it is taking time for us to develop certain features and animations.

We have already submitted a proposal for the Open-source but it hasn't received much attention. It would become really difficult for us to open source without any support to our proposal. But we can open-source some of the aspects of the code that other devs can use it to build their own application.

But you can not receive money from the community and say you don’t do open source if you don’t get enough money. No matter if you receive half of the expected amount or even just a tiny portion, you are responsible for doing it open source as soon as you receive some money!
Looking forward to it so I can create my own app for porn. Because I really think this is missing here.

Hi @stevemitchell

Why don't you checkout our proposal for open-source? It includes a good amount of details. It's not about getting funded completely, it's just our efforts should be worth something.

Anyway, we will be open-sourcing some of the aspects of our code that other devs can use it to develop their own application.

Gee, that Zack Norman guy makes some pretty great stuff, doesn't he? Maybe we should all go upvote and tip all his stuff 😆!

Jokes aside, it's great to see you making some awesome progress on the app! I looks slick as ever, and being able to change the view is pretty great, too. And I especially love the new ability to sort Communites with the Hot metric, since I think that's something only Peakd has so far.

Even my most mundane day has gotten a bit more cheery. Thanks for all the work you've done here, and best wishes :-)

Hi @zacknorman97

Thank you for your feedback and continuous support.

Whats your plan after Appics moved to HIVE as they stated in their open letter a few weeks ago?
The market share will be considerably less for you once appics comes to hive with their audience, influencers, and stars which they built months ago...

Did you take that into account?

Hi @nattynat

We don't compare ourselves with any other mobile app. We want to offer all the features in a beautiful and decentralised way. Most importantly all of the APPICS tokens are being controlled by a single entity so we cannot really count it as decentralised beside the content is posted on Blockchains and their centralised server. APPICS has its hype because there is no competition around.

Dapplr team believes in delivering quality product and features. The market will move considerably once Dapplr is launched.

Why don't you go ahead and compare Dapplr with APPICS in an unbiased way?