Dapplr Is Now HardFork 24 Compatible, iOS Updates and Enhancements

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Hello, Today We are excited to announce that Dapplr is now HF24 compatible and the update is already out. There are a lot of enhancements that we did alongside with this and it is going to make Dapplr a lot more smoother and performant. We have also upgraded our Storage servers so uploading Media files especially Images is going to be a whole lot faster. Details are given below -

Hard fork12.jpg

1. HardFork 24 Compatible

We wrote our own custom native functions in Dart to interact with the HIVE blockchain and its data. We have made the similar changes to our custom functions as suggested by the core HIVE developers. In addition, we have also reviewed HiveJS library code and also validated our code with the similar function. All of the blockchain operations are working as expected and after the HF24 on 22nd Sep, you won’t feel a difference but even more performance and less load time.

2. Storage Upgraded

Dapplr Alpha team noticed some delays while uploading Media Files especially Images. As we are funded from our proposal, we have put some of it to upgrade our Storage and it gave us a good amount of performance boost in terms of uploading. Videos storage is still the same and we haven’t upgraded it yet but we have made some enhancements to improve its performance. We will be adding some custom Video compressions and codecs to help boost the uploading and rendering performance.

4. iOS News and iOS HF24 Compatibility

We have started internal testing of the iOS version of Dapplr on TestFlight and today, after receiving some confirmation from the Apple team, we have sent out the Internal Testing invitation to some of the HIVE community members. iOS version is automatically HF24 compatible as we have made the change to the shared code that both Android and iOS are using. Once we have completed the Internal Testing for a week or so, we will push out the Alpha / Beta Launch based on the severity and amount of bugs the Team discovers.

4. Other Enhancements

There are some other enhancements that we have done as a part of this update and the app is now more robust than ever. The enhancements include iPAD fixes, Faster Bookmarks, Minor Alignment and Spacing fixes, dynamic image compression and a lot more.

These are the improvements that we have done and Dapplr is becoming more and more stable everyday. The time is very near when we will release Dapplr to the public. Thanks to the Dapplr Alpha team for suggestions and meaningful ideas.

Open Access - Android

After these fixes, Dapplr is more robust, reliable and efficient. So we are taking another step by giving the access to many more people of the community but we have set the restriction of 1000 people and we will see how it goes. Referral system is up and running so don't forget to refer your friends with your referral link.

To know more about the team and their work

Dapplr Team Introductions

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I can’t wait for iOS! Would love to test it out if you still have space for invites! Thanks!

It's dope

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Same here! I've been waiting for this for years! I want to help test if it's an option.

Excelente grandes mejoras.
Los usuarios de IOS están ansiosos falta poco.

Hi @mariana4ve

Thank you for your support.

Great to see the updates awesome! What do you guys think of a like button?


Hi @tebetada

Thank you for your support.

It's a good idea but there should be only one source of truth i.e Either like button can push the post to the top or the upvote value. It may become really confusing if it is implemented at the blockchain level but this can be managed at the Front-end level.
It's a choice of preference and anyone can make their own product on HIVE blockchain with their own set of features.

I’ll take a look deep look into that later today looks very interesting.

Using it from my Samsung M31. Looks and works pretty amazing

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Great job 👍

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It's nice right?

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Hi @general.guy

Thank you for your support.

That's good to hear since you're is so amazing.

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Hi @mrnightmare89

Thank you for your support.

Excellent job!

Hi @santigs

Thank you for your support.

Great update and great system for next post.

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Hi @steemfuture
Thank you for your support.

Hi dapplr it seem like the app can't post blog. It just send a message blockchain fail.

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Hi @steemfuture

There maybe some issue while posting on the blockchain. Can you share us the error message you received while posting?

It's like this only pressed many times after log in and out

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ok, We will have a look at this. Thank you for notifying us.

Great news! Excellent work 💪

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Hi @claudio83

Thank you for your support.

Thank you for your great work. You are the best team of professionals. Great post. Thanks you

Hi @saxx1304

Thank you for your support.

You have the app?

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I tried this app

You like it or nah?

It works pretty fast and has a nice design. Yes, I like this program.

News and more news, developments all the time. Do you Dapplr guys even sleep?
Thank you!

Haha, thank you for your support. We are just trying to make HIVE blockchain easily accessible and that's our motivation.

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Good looking improvements going on. Will the beneficiary amount be reduced to a lower level?

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Beneficiaries are now optional. You can disable/enable it from settings.
Go to Profile and then settings. You will be able to disable the Dapplr beneficiary.

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Thanks for the info.

Dapplr is is polished for an early access app. Sure it hast some bugs, but it doesn't crash without reason.

Very nice news! Rebloging them :)

How do I get push notifications?


I would love to join the testing for IOS if that’s possible ;)
Waiting so patiently for this lunching.

Thanks 🙏 to the Dapplr team ;)

The app is super easy... User friendly. This is a big step. I'm honestly impressed.

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How far of lunch at IOS ANY IDEA?

iOS is under internal testing and Apple Support has suggested some content related changes. We are doing it as soon as we can. We will keep you updated.

Can’t wait to test iOS!