Dapplr User Profile Screen In Action

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Hello, In this post we want to share our updates on User profile screen and its related features. The profile integration of the users is completed and with this a user will be able to check other people's posts, stake, tokens, follow and will be able to Transfer, Delegate and see the transactions. We have also included the GRID view for user profile posts and all of these features are included in the video. We will let you watch the video now…

Dapplr Cover17.jpg

Upcoming Annoucement

We have some pretty exciting announcement of our Web App which will utilize the app features and most importantly all of the things will be in sync. We will be writing a post of the announcement very soon. Stay tuned...

Public Assets

We want to provide our east accessible mockups to the community to write blog on us and help us spread the word.
Here is the link - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/147DfEbWyO6-dSXW59RSUhEdeiHAJKamK?usp=sharing

Frontend Progress -

Features Done -

  • User Profile
  • Edit Profile
  • Follow other users
  • Transfer directly through the profile
  • Delegate directly through the profile
  • User stake and token details.
  • Grid View
  • Nested Routing

You will be able to see all the features in the video. With User profile module in place, we are getting a very fulfilled experience from the app. It just feels so smooth to carry out the operations. We want to include each and every feature that a user needs. Our goal is to provide a great experience and features so that a user doesn't need to switch between application. We have a really wonderful roadmap for the upcoming features. Stay tuned for the updates.

Design Progress -

  1. Explore screen
  2. Cover screens and brainstorming around the "must have" features.

Back-end Progress -

  1. Subscribe / Unsubscribe user.
  2. Currently being explored - HiveSigner APIs for direct APIs access.

Inspiration and Difficulties

There are tons of features in such a small form factor and each of the feature is very well designed and placed in the UI. Some of the animations are still pending though, we will get it right as we are moving forward. Creating nested routes for profiles was a bit challenging and it took us quite some time to get it right. Now, all of the features are seamlessly integrated. We are working very hard to deliver its beta version as soon as the core features are implemented. There has never been a day that we are not thinking about improving the User experience. It doesn't matter how difficult it is to implement a certain feature, if it's worth it then we will deliver it.

We just need your support and feedbacks and keep letting us know about your overall perspective on the app. Each and everyone's perspective matter to us, your thoughts and involvements would help the team boost up their motivation.


  1. Animations for GRID layout
  2. Profile subscription on FrontEnd
  3. Performance bottlenecks
  4. Adding code validations and necessary checks.

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Open Source Proposal -

  • The Dapplr team has been working very hard and we are putting everything that we have got with us. We are putting in our personal resources, designers, animators, tools, testing devices, money and most importantly efforts to make this a standout application from any other social media platform.
  • With our proposal being approved and completely funded, we will open source all of our front-end and back-end code once we have launched the product and out of beta release.
  • We want to give our HIVE community an application that they would love, cheer and feel proud of. If #hive community want it, they will get it.

We want to thank our wonderful supporters - @liondani , @runicar , @ash , @midlet, @joetunex , @zord189 and too many to count.

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Hey guys super excited for you and your project.

When you are looking for ambassadors, like I said before, please let me know, I'll be happy to help the team. And beta test like I've been doing on appics for almost 2 years now.

Would be great to see you guys working together in the future also.

Have a good one guys keep up the great work.

Be well

Ps. Your discord link is expired.

Hi @krazypoet

Thanks for your feedback. We will let you know. Stay tuned for the updates.

No @dapplr account on Instagram yet? It'll be great for cross promotion

Dapplr do have Instagram account: https://instagram.com/dapplr_app?igshid=jqf5ei9zqdvm

Oh Cool, thanks. I did a search in IG and couldn't find it.

You are welcome bro

Omg!! I cannot wait for this! Looking great 👍 😍

Hi @pixiepost

Thank you for your feedback. We are excited to give it to the community.

You're welcome! I know it's a lot of work for you guys but launching will be the super fun part. 💗 Count me in! I will definitely be on there.

Very interesting. What new things does it bring? How will the interface be? Will it be easy to use? I'm anxious. Too bad I don't have the funds to support it. But I know they will get them.

Have a read of their previous posts, they often put out weekly up for the community. I'm sure some of your questions will be answered.

This is a test comment.

Brilliant stuff guys!

Can't wait to play with this app and use it every single day!

Hi @jongolson

Thank you for your feedback. Let us know what other feature you would like to have in the app.

Incredible! thanks for sharing the assets. 😃

Hi @gtrussi

Thank you.

Hold on for a moment, I recognise that user in the video...

Day by day, you're growing this app into something wonderful, and every update seemingly gets better every time! I'm pretty excited to eventually get to play with it. On that note, I love your attention towards improving the user-interface, and the fluidity of the animations. That's pretty important for a seamless experience.

Thanks for sharing the updates, and keep up the fantastic work ❤️!

Hi @zacknorman97
Thank you for your feedback and continuous support. We are also excited to deliver the app to the community.

awesome!! :)

Hi @ash

Thank you for your feedback.

That's looking pretty slick guys and gals! Looking forward to trying it out. Is it available to download somewhere yet eg Google play store?

Hi @nickyhavey

Thank you for your feedback. We are currently developing its core features and hopefully its beta version will be out in the next month.

Let us know if there is any feature you would want to have in the app.

At the moment, I can't think of anything and usually things get discovered as I try things out so I'll be looking to get my hands on the app and try it next month 😃

As long as it it's easy to use, looks great and does what most social media mobile phone apps do (with additional of Hive functionality) then you're on to a winner IMO (for what it's worth)!

I really like what you do - I am sure of the success of the project!

Hi @russia-btc

Thank you for your feedback and support.

Welldone guys, the App is looking 👌. Are you guys still on course for mid-June release of the Dapplr?
Many thanks for the mention ☺

Hi @joetunex

Thank you for your feedback. We are a bit delayed but we are working hard to deliver as soon as possible.

Guys, you are rocking it, can't wait and transition myself from IG completely!

Hi @bescouted

Thank you for your feedback and support. Let us know if there is any feature that you would love to have in the app.

No wonder this is going to be best UI to access HIVE. I am so damn excited of this one!!!! Great job team @dapplr.

Hi @sugandhaseth

Thank you for your feedback. We are also excited to deliver it to the community.

great job! Did you already post a preview for the messaging system? Really looking forward to that as well

Hi @tobetada

Thank you for your feedback. We haven't shared its preview yet. It's currently under development.

Great work, it's better to have a alpha version of it in the Google App just so that everyone will test it.

Hi @codingdefined

We and a few community members will alpha test it and then we will move it to beta. Thank you for your feedback.

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Happy to see the amazing progress going on, do let me know if any help is needed, and would be glad to help!

Hi @ajinkyajagtap

Thank you for your feedback and support.

I really want to see the beta launched before I can back the proposal. When is the first instance of the product going live for review by the community Dapplr team?

Hi @deniskj

Sure. The launch is scheduled in mid June but delays are expected.

Looking forward to it. Seems like an excellent product.