Savings, Notification Filters, Informative Data and Several Other Improvements

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We have been making continuous integrations of blockchain features into Dapplr. It helps Dapplr to be a place where a user can enjoy its freedom with decentralised content with seamless user experience. In this update we have added Blockchain Savings, Filters in notification, Better profile info, Power down information etc.

We have rolled out the update and it will be available by tomorrow.

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The details are given below -

1. Hive Blockchain Savings

We have integrated this feature and with this, a user will be able to easily transfer its liquid HIVE/HBD tokens to savings. In this way, the funds are kept secured on blockchain and a user can withdraw all of its fund with a waiting period of 3 days. We are including one account related feature in a release, it helps us to be consistent with the testing and releases.


2. Notification Filters

A lot of users suggested that there must be an option to filter out the notification based on Replies. We want to thank our users and they are truly helping us build Dapplr a user friendly application. We have included notification filters in this release.


3. Power Down Info and Actions

We have included this in the account management along with the power related information. A user with active power down will now be able to see the information and can easily see the current status of its tokens and pending tokens to be withdrawn from the Hive Power. Along with that, a user can easily cancel the power down using a stop button given in the information. It will directly take user to HiveSigner to cancel the power down.


4. Removing Unnecessary Tags and Better Navigation

We have removed the unnecessary tags which keeps track of the current page. We are now handling that with our custom code. It has truly helped us bring a blazing fast navigation to user profiles and other pages. Along with that, it helped us to clean up our code for upcoming features.

5. Better Image Loading, Memory consumptions and Scrolling

We were seeing the impact of image loading on the overall user experience, so we researched it and we are now serving the images which are best suitable for a device. It has helped us to get a good gain in load times. It still needs improvements which we will keep on making with upcoming releases. Ultimately, it has helped us to bring down the memory consumption and provided us with significant scrolling improvements.

Work For Next Week?

  1. Integrate Account Recovery.
  2. Improve Local Storage Data Parsing
  3. Work on HiveSSO alongside to have an MVP.
  4. Work on Open sourcing the Hive library in Dart (Flutter).

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Following since I just downloaded the app in development. Consider me another Android tester (on a stock Pixel device)

Thank you for the cool updates.

I’ll be sending some HP delegations soon :)

Thank you for your continuous support 🙌

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Thank you very much for your work. Good news. I wish you success and all the best. Great project.

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I really am enjoying this app. Great work and great improvements. Thank you

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Keep on the good work @dapplr team!
App looks great looking forward to keep on using it.

Thank you for your feedback

We will bring tons of features in the upcoming months which also includes Dapplr token launch 🙌

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Awesome app, good job!

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Greetings, excellent news in the application, thank you very much for giving us the information

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Hi, you guys probably wont see this, but I'm pretty confused since your last two posts. Maybe it's just because I'm dumb, but I can't find the "Manage Account" option anywhere? I have the last version of Dapplr and still cant find it, so I dont know what else do but to ask directly.

Nevermind I just found by accident LOL. Turns out my feed played me the whole time. I, accidentally, made a color scheme in my blog that is similar in color to my dapplr theme, thus I couldnt help but miss it 😂😂😂

Hey, dapplr team.
When I created a post with a photo and linked http. It doesn't show in full format via @dapplr
You can go down below and click the link.

And as of @dapplr
The same not click on the photo.
Example 2 dapplr

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Hi, I am testing if I can comment. I have issues publishing posts with Dapplr. @dapplr

Hi @bulldog-joy , We have just checked and we are able to publish the post. Can you try publishing a new post and see if you are able to do it. Let us know if you face the problem.

I tried but this keeps coming up. @dapplr

One step that you can try is Logout the application and clear the application data. Try again.

Don't worry. In addition, We have rolled out an update of the application. Maybe it will fix this error.

Dear @dapplr team could you please note a problem with your notification function within the dapp on your bucket list for the next update. As often as I mark my notifications as read they reappear again and again as unread. I always need to mark them as read on hive.blogs

Thank you 🙏🏻

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