Video Compression, Noise reduction, UI changes and Several Other Improvements

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Hello, We have been making continuous improvements to videos and making it more and more efficient everyday. Along with videos, we are also adding new features, functionalities and removing the buggy areas. In this update, we are bringing Video compression, better audio record quality while recoding videos, notification fixes, better design oriented UI elements and a lot more. The update is out (or will be in a few hours, for some countries). Details of the changes are as follows -

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1. Video Compression

Implementing videos in Flutter is the most complex part because there is not so good support related to its rendering and compressions. There is an implementation available online to compress videos using ffmpeg but it increases the application size to almost 25MB which we couldn’t afford. So, we implemented our own solution to compress videos by reading it from other people demos and it has helped us to keep the application size to ~13MB. Now, we have the compression in place, the size of the uploaded videos is greatly reduced and the upload process is a lot faster and smoother. Along with this, we have also optimised the image compression.

2. Audio Noise Reduction While Recording Videos

We found this to be the case on Android. We were recording videos at the highest quality but the audio quality in it was really bad. Now we have made some changes which will reduce the audio noise and a better quality audio will be recorded while video shooting. It is an important improvement because it will help content creators especially vloggers to record videos with ease and with better audio quality.

3. UI Changes - Tables, Links, Consistent Font size

We would want to thank @crazy-unicorn to highlight this. We had this in our notes to fix it but after seeing some users getting irritated because of this, we now have made the UI changes. Tables are now uni color instead of multi-colour, Links color is now according to the theme accent and consistent font size across other UI elements throughout the application.



4. Scroll To Top - HomeScreen and Profile Screen

A lot of users requested this feature and now we have integrated this scroll to top for home feed and profile screen. A user can now tap on home tab in the bottom and the content on the home screen would scroll to the top. Same goes for the content on Profile screen on clicking on the profile in the bottom tab bar.

5. Notification Fix And Keyboard Close While Seeing Preview

There was a minor bug in the notification numbers. The unread numbers in the notifications were shown even after a user has read the notifications. It was happening because of the delayed response from the APIs. We have now made the changes to fix it. Other minor issue was the Keyboard not closing while checking the preview of a blog while writing. With the update, it will be fixed.

Work For Next Week?

  1. Introduce the power down information in the account management.
  2. Introduce Savings in account management.
  3. Improve the header visibility and hide when it’s not needed.
  4. Work on HiveSSO alongside to have an MVP.
  5. Work on Open sourcing the Hive library in Dart (Flutter).

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great job everyone! keep them coming :)

thank you for your support.

All updates really nice. Looking slick. One idea if possible. Swipe right from left of the screen to go back on ios.

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Hi @trumpikas , Thank you for your feedback.
Good Idea. Let's see if we can integrate that in the upcoming week.

Dapplr is awesome. I’m gonna try to upload some videos!

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Hi @hive.consultant

Thank you for your feedback. Awesome. Let us know your feedback.

Currently we are giving away 5x amount of Dapplr Tokens that a post earns.

I am jealous but I won't earn anything - I like the web version more and still not comfortable to post/blog from a mobile app.

WebApp is our next priority after HiveSSO MVP. We want it to be community first so there will be ton of opportunities in future to earn Dapplr Tokens.

Dapplr App is good to use.
When will I see DAPPLR tokens?

Thanks for your feedback. Dapplr Token is a high priority for us too. It will be out soon and Dapplr tokens earned by the content creators will be airdropped.

Love it, keep up the great work.!

Thank you for your feedback 🙌

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Awesome news! Keep up the great work 😊

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Thank you for your feedback 🙌

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