Congratz Dapplr [UPDATE 2]

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It finally happened, someone that's not part of the core group managed to pass the return proposal.
DAO does fund some of the infrastructure and development but I'd say this is the first real victory the DAO had.
As far as I know the dapplr team doesn't have long lasting friendships with Hive whales nor have they been a part of the politics all these years on Hive and Steem.
They wanted to make a product and that product was recognized by the community.

I use Dapplr daily and its a breath of fresh air. It's not perfect, but that's kind of exciting because there's so much more growth possible.

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Update: Seems like @gtg screwed the proposal after i stupidly pinged him in a comment trying to answer a question on this post. Apparently he follows some idiotic crypto code where he openly goes against anything that isnt open source.
He will vote his friend thats all but quit HIVE and give her 30k USD (of which he will get 5000 Hive) but a dapp thats being developed and used by many users cant even get a 1000 USD, which is the amount it would receive till the end of the proposal.

Guess wer back where we were. To the fucking innercircle politics.

UPDATE 2The proposal has been funded once again.
People do listen and we should appreciate that. YOUR VOICE matters. Thats what i always loved about HIVE.
Update 3. Need a sec. 😄


Update: Seems like @gtg screwed the proposal after i stupidly pinged him in a comment trying to answer a question on this post.

Seriously? You see those things connected?

I'm not that convinced by dapplr to vote for it, but I'm not that against it to fight for blocking them.
I unvoted return proposal after @crimsonclad told me what was the effect of it.

Great to hear

Sweet, I just unvoted the return proposal last night hoping this would happen :) Great app, can't wait to see how this grows

haha I have done the same...
They really put in the work. :D

Dude, you jinxed it!

You could actually be right. lol

does the popcorn bot even work on hive?

This is really exciting. I have been genuinely bothered about the projects funded by the DAO; not that they aren't important... they are the most important. Nut for the fact that other project, even those as groundbreaking as daaplr was not yet voted to the top immediately to the top. This has definitely increased my faith in the DAO. Up next in my opinion should be pinmapple and stemsocial.

This just the beginning.

2020 is the year of Hive

This is positive development indeed!


This looks pretty awesome, but I'm afraid I don't exactly get what DAO means, and Dapplr, could I possibly get an explanation if it's not too much to ask

DAO is where stakeholders vote on who gets funding for their project. You can see various projects in the proposals tab and how much HP is voting for them.
Once they pass the @gtg return proposal in support they are funded.
The current total budget the DAO has is equivalent to 500k USD.

Thanks for the explanation. Been trying to learn as much as I can, really appreciate this.

happy to help

I'm sure Dapplr will do a lot of good to the ecosystem. But as far as I know, it isn't open source.

They promised to open the code

Love Dapplr. I hope for more Updates to make the app perfect. Its on the right way of making the browsing on the hive blockchain more attractive for the masses.

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lol. so much lol

I've been using mostly daplr since it was released. really glad that they're finally getting the funds they deserve.

Good to see they made it. The return proposal is a nonsensical idea and there's got to be a better way to work out how to fund projects.