HIVE is NOW LIVE on DappRadar! πŸ’ͺ πŸŽ‰

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As I announced a few days ago in a previous post, the website DappRadar has been working on Hive (& Steem) integration. And the integration is now live!

Which means: you're able to witness the rise of Hive d/apps on DappRadar as well!

This is very exciting and a big step into the right direction.

Now, it seems that DappRadar used the already submitted d/apps data at as a starting point, but since their tracking-code is their own & independent, if your Hive d/app isn't listed yet or you're developing a new one, then you need to submit it on

A big thanks again to the whole team at @dappradar!



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Oh wow STEEMIT is above HIVE! lolz!!

Awesome! On the radar, heading for that number one spot! (sorry @Splinterlands, love you too... just finished playing with my 4 year old ;-)

Great news thanks for sharing this, i like using dappradar thats how i found out about karma.
But there is not a huge amount of social dapp overall.
I am still waiting for @dapplr a hive project to emerge that is a great dapp coming up!

Great to hear that. There are ~20 active social dapps now on @DappRadar -

A step ahead into the future for the hive community

This is awesome. Gotta slowly take the Hive dapps to the top. :D

Wow that's pretty cool

Lol, they can scratch off '@reggaesteem'... I remember how kl it was getting that project listed on all the dapp ranking sites including DR last July. The excitement is relatable, Great job!

Good news..thank to sharing

Exponential growing in less than 3 months

Awesome, let's move it to the top 5 spot as soon as possible.

Awesome news to stay my day with! 😍

Excellent news. These initiatives should help people find some really useful dapps on the Hive blockchain. Thanks for post!

Great news!!

Great to be here! We're part of this now ;)