Dawn: Seeking female humans to assist in the shaping, ideation, programming and operation of our network

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I've been (rightly) accused of using crass language before, and it might happen again:

the "blockchain scene" is a TOTAL sausage-fest

....and that includes our chat.

Humans with no sausage are heartily encouraged to join up and help us to recruit more humans with no sausage, until we're approximately at the average levels for human populations-- 49/51 with slightly more females because males are amazing at killing themselves and other male humans in various and sundry ways. (No seriously this really is the reason for the skew, if you don't believe me, look into it. Maybe testosterone is a mixed blessing?)

Until we reach a 25% female validator population, we'll be prioritizing the fairer sex, because the fact is that the "other" type of human makes up >50% of the possible users of any currency, and the only way to earn those users is to involve them in the operation and design of the currency.

To those whom this might piss off, both female and male, sorry. I reckon that the cognitive diversity is worth pissing you off. I also could be totally wrong. Only time will tell. Men and women alike will be screened with a validator interview.

Validator Stats:

Screenshot from 2017-04-15 14-25-50.png


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Does this has anything to do with #steemdev ?