DBuzz Represents Asia at HiveFest 2023

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The decentralized micro-blogging application (DApp) from the Philippines, DBuzz, represented the Asian continent in the largest annual gathering of Hive community members, developers, and Web3 enthusiasts dubbed HiveFest 2023, held at Rosarito, Mexico.


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HiveFest in Mexico was another milestone for the Hive community because this is the first time it was conducted in the American continent after returning to a real-life gathering in Amsterdam in 2022. The HiveFest 2023 event was hosted in the beautiful coastal city of Rosarito, Mexico, from September 22 until September 26, 2023.


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Every attendee immersed themselves in the vibrant Hive Blockchain's ecosystem, exploring the latest apps, games, literature, art, and more. Hive users from different parts of the world listened to each other, learned from one another, connected, and had an unforgettable time at the eighth edition of HiveFest.

The organizers of HiveFest from Mexico, headed by @theycallmedan, @starkerz, and the @threespeak Team, made extraordinary preparations and successfully memorably conducted HiveFest.

Some of the most prominent Hive personalities gathered and made presentations as speakers. Hive users who were invited to speak included @trostparadox, @manuphotos, @josepimpo, @brianoflondon, @alessandrawhite, @arcange, @khaleelkazi, @lordbutterfly, @little.lamb, @sofiag, @grampo, @starkerz, @detlev, @vaultec, @theycallmedan, @disregardfiat, @smooms, @nathansenn and @mynewlife.

Almost all of the continents in the world were fully represented. For Asia, the DBuzz Team from the Philippines, composed of @chrisrice and @nathansenn, representing the world's largest continent with remarkable participation at HiveFest.

DBuzz Founder @chrisrice debuted as an attendee and as a speaker in @hivefest as he shared the latest developments about the decentralized micro-blogging platform he helped build in the Philippines.


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The DBuzz founder revealed in his presentation the history of DBuzz and how grateful he was to the community that despite being an ordinary Hive user, he was given the chance to speak in front of the largest gathering in the Hive community.

According to Chris, the idea that someone like him, an ordinary Hive user with an unremarkable background, presenting at HiveFest only shows how remarkable, incredible, and how much opportunity there is in the Hive blockchain and the Hive community.

Chris Rice's presentation revolved around B2B Guerrilla Marketing Strategies he employed in the Philippines to promote Hive and DBuzz to the Filipino community and all DApps under the Hive ecosystem. He presented some warm bodies through various photos of the DBuzz team's guerilla marketing strategies.

The strategic partnerships employed by the DBuzz and Hive Team in the Philippines targeted three types of organizations: the media, the local schools, and hosting companies.

Media Partnerships:

In promoting Hive in Asia, The DBuzz Team partnered with local media and onboarded some personalities with connections and followings in the mainstream media industry.


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Chris Rice introduced a prominent blogger with millions of views, an education technology company founder being interviewed by local and international media, and a content creator who also generated millions of views on his channel.

The DBuzz Founder explained that he tapped the reach of other people in terms of media partnerships to expand the reach of Hive and DBuzz in the Philippines. Although he admitted that there are valid criticisms about mainstream media, the truth is that mainstream media in modern culture is still a form of recognition and stories are often percieved as valid when they are in the mainstream media.

Chris also introduced Ken Berey @blocknetworkph, the founder of the first-ever Web3-focused BPO company in the Philippines, who is in touch with some of the most prominent names in the crypto industry, including the Founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin.

Hive users in the Philippines were also shared during the presentation of Chris Rice at the HiveFest event (@hiveph @hivephilippines @romeskie @antonette @kenny.rogers @philnews.xyz), showing how united the Hive users were in helping promote the Hive ecosystem in the Philippines by joining the activities of DBuzz, as seen in the photos during the presentation.

Partnerships With Local Schools:


Source : Article on PhilNews.xyz

In partnering with local schools, the DBuzz Team in Davao City is closely working with the schools organized by Chris Rice into three tiers: Tier One, Tier Two, and Tier Three.


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Tier Three schools include impoverished schools in the Philippines, where the team plans to donate school supplies for philanthropy. Tier Two schools include schools where the team will provide mentorship in coding, SEO, and article writing, improving students' skills (both in coordination and with support from @valueplan).

The Tier One schools include private and international schools, where the DBuzz Team will coordinate with the student's parents regarding business opportunities and community-building activities.

Partnering with local schools already reaped some positive feedback after Chris Rice created a decent school website, providing the school with free hosting and domain. Chris also revealed that he plans to have a press event at the school, which may be covered by the mainstream media this coming December 15, 2023.

Partnering with Hosting Companies:

According to Chris, he is looking forward to a bright future for DBuzz because he is interested in the micro-blogging platform to be a DApp that is easy to use, easy to install, and easy to duplicate.

One example of that is how Linux and WordPress are both open-source. He noted that he is not targeting the GoDaddys of web hosting, but he will target the smaller web hosting companies to have DBuzz as a product so that their client can install it as quickly as they install WordPress.

Hive can be the WordPress of social media, and DBuzz a theme.

Interesting Part from Chris Rice's Speech:


Chris Rice showcased how the Hive blockchain is featured in Vitalik Buterin's book and revealed that members of the DBuzz team have been in contact with the Ethereum founder and the reason why he presented Vitalik's book is because of the recent development with DBuzz, which will integrate Metamask in the platform.


The DBuzz founder reiterated in his speech that aside from onboarding and partnering with the mainstream media, local schools, and web hosting companies, DBuzz will have a solid push to onboard Ethereum users, which is low-hanging fruit because those users are already in the crypto space.

In the last portion of Chris Rice's presentation, a video from an event in Mati City was showcased. Chris Rice stated that the world's number one social media blockchain already exists.

It's called Hive.


I am very impressed with the work you and the DBuzz team have been doing in the Hive community. Your presentation at HiveFest 2023 was insightful and inspiring.

Your passion for the Hive blockchain is evident. Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing you again at the next HiveFest.


I appreciate your work and enjoyed seeing you too. Let's keep building.

#HiveOn.. and see you at HiveFest 2024 🚀

Dbuzz is awesome.

Great work dbuzz!

Thank you!

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Excellent work and I really think that our Hive fest and meetups will really redefine blockchain and human interaction.

Excellent job everybody!

Awesome conference, I enjoyed the interview and the link with universities. Hopefully more developers and talent can be recruited to the Hive ecosystem.

Yes, 💯 that's the goal!

Thank you, @dbuzz, for the mention; looking forward to more events here in the Philippines. Thank you also for all the support from the Hive community worldwide. This is just the beginning of our journey in promoting DBuzz here in the Philippines and all the DApps in the Hive Ecosystem.

Exciting things ahead of us for all the Hive family members!

Such an amazing meetup with beautiful people in a beautiful environment.😍 Keep the ball rolling guys

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