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As with any new app whose aim is to break fresh ground, there will be questions and concerns. We over here at D.Buzz hear you and will try our best to address them and dispel any erroneous conceptions.

We are a micro-blogging platform that allows short-form content to be posted to our Dapp, so that conversations can take place like on other social media platorms. It's not required to connect Twitter to your account, that is only optional.

Let's break down how the Twitter to HIVE functionality happens.

The Twitter explanation:

D.Buzz has a built-in Twitter verification.

Before anyone is enabled to post from Twitter to D.Buzz directly, they must go through a verification process.

Verification is 100% optional.

It's up to the D.Buzz user if they wish to activate this or not.

If you do not do the activation process, you can still use D.Buzz as a standalone Dapp and engage with users on this micro-blogging platform. We also are in the works of developing a mobile app for this use.


To extend the functionality of D.Buzz, if the user chooses to complete the verification process, Twitter / D.Buzz re-posting will be enabled.

The re-posting will ONLY happen if verified, and, if in their tweet, they add one of these hashtags #hive or #dbuzz.

If a user does not add the hashtag or has not verified their account, no re-post to D.Buzz will happen.

We like to have a clean news-feed as much as you do!

You should know that you will NOT see the posts on Peakd or Esteem from others unless you subscribe to our D.Buzz Hive community. You can even use D.Buzz and not be subscribed to our HIVE community. This option means you won't have your news feed filled up with people reposting from Twitter.

Our Dapp is about connecting and community.

For now, D.Buzz is a tool to connect Twitter to Hive and allowing for the rapid distribution of information in a short form.

With it, voices can reach more people and spread valuable information as well as silly memes rapidly.

If you're walking around the street, you could send a Tweet with the #dbuzz hashtag, and have it posted to HIVE. You can reach your network on Twitter and HIVE, engage in conversation, spread valuable information, or tell people about that chocolate pie you ate.

We empower you to reach more people, simply and efficiently.

How easy is it to remove my authorization?

We would be sad to see you go, but it's easy to remove the automatic re-posting. You can revoke posting privileges by going to this link:

This action will revoke the posting privileges of D.Buzz to our community. When you want to come back, re-enable that privilege, and you're in again.

D.Buzz is still launching. We want to get your feedback and tailor our future road-map towards a goal most people want to see.

We hope you'll give D.Buzz a try and join our community!


You should know that you will NOT see the posts on Peakd or Esteem from others unless you subscribe to our D.Buzz Hive community. You can even use D.Buzz and not be subscribed to our HIVE community. This option means you won't have your news feed filled up with people reposting from Twitter.

This isn’t entirely true as you’ll see these posts from the people you currently follow. I don’t see this as a huge issue, as it’s up to the individual user to unfollow people whose content becomes unenjoyable in their feed. That’s why many people started alternate accounts during past applications like D.Buzz, such as Share2Steem or ZAPPL. Also, I believe most front ends auto recognize using a #hashtag within a post. Any cross posted content containing hashtags will find its way into the corresponding news feeds outside of the D.Buzz community.

I honestly believe you should be broaching this conversation the most with the teams behind the interfaces of and PeakD. Ideally, I believe that your content should perhaps not be displayed on these front ends at all. Obviously this limits your early exposure, but may be much more favorable to long term plans.

Running your own front end interface built on Hive with a focus on micro blogging is wonderful in my opinion. I also do not mind the Twitter cross posts. I do not see your goal of pushing the Hive hashtag on Twitter as relevant or useful though. The real goal is to onboard new users with a system that is effortless as it piggybacks off their already existing social media activity. Hive has the same difficulty acquiring users as any social media upstart. No serious content creator or influencer wants to put much effort into posting on a platform with such a small userbase. Allowing them to “dip their toe in the water” via cross posting automation is perfectly valid.

The main friction you face now comes from the creep of these micro blogging cross posts mixing into Hive platforms not designed for it. There is an appeal to a “one stop shop” where I can see all the content of everyone I follow in one place... but no one is presenting that well, and it may honestly be an unsolvable UI nightmare to achieve. Many new dApps will run into this issue you’re facing, and it needs to be solved sooner than later. I’d rather see Actifit posts only when I go to the Actifit app, D.Buzz posts only when I go to the D.Buzz app, Dapplr posts only on the Dapplr app, etc. than have the morass of conflicting content that occurs on the two main front ends currently.

Unfortunately that’s not your fault, but it is your current problem. It may take some creative solutions to properly compartmentalize your data to avoid conflicts. I would not expect the D.Buzz front end to show all the Hive blockchain data. The long form content doesn’t fit. You need to expect that it’s a two way street and find ways to voluntarily further limit the appearance of D.Buzz content on the current prominent front ends. The community function alone isn’t sufficient.

@bryan-imhoff the current way communities on hive work is if your not sub to a community you will not see post from members for even from users your sub to unless you go to the dBuzz community page.

I don’t believe that is true. Looking at my feed right now I immediately see posts in the dTube, 3Speak, and Hive Pro Wrestling communities, none of which I subscribe to, but I am following the users who made the post. If someone I follow starts posting through dBuzz, their posts will appear in my feed regardless of me subscribing to the community itself.

But isn't thin only when they share it to their blog roll? Communities are meant to allow people to separate their content, right?

The only place communities currently keep posts from appearing is within a blog roll. Similar to how some interfaces allow for hiding re-blogs, this does allow creators to create a nice curated feed of posts for people who discover their page. But posts made into communities still show up in their followers feeds regardless of whether that follower is in the community, as well as in normal topic feeds based on tags, as well as on any algorithm type feeds like trending, new, or hot.

That makes them quite useless as topic filters. Imo, if posting in a community it should be contained, unless shared, although this might open it up for more abuse. The idea was separation of content and being able to segment what the audience sees. Perhaps there should be a option to "see all" or "see blog feed only"

I don't see it as too much different than other sites/social media's. We're used to being so small... but how often do you go to Reddit, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. and basically "browse all?" Communities still allow you to go to a certain community in expectation of discovering content on a theme, and allowing community moderators to curate within their community.

I don't really browse the Internet, I am one of those weirdos that uses it for specific uses.

But then, what is the issue with dbuzz, shouldn't we be encouraging all kinds of content buckets to catch all kinds of users?

I would love to use your app and I see immediate use for me. An uncensored twitter backup is valuable right now. Unless the likes of berniesanders/nextgencrypto/xxxxxxx decides to abuse their power to be no better than youtube censorship.

I wonder why you did not chose to do it the other way?

eg. posts on dbuzz cross-posted (with backlink) to twitter?

Our main idea is to get the hashtag #hive trending on Crypto Twitter as we want to onboard crypto influencers to our Dapp.

But we are working on also enabling the sharing of Buzz's to Twitter . .

We just couldn't roll everything out at once due to time constraints, and our goal of being the 1st to market!

I would look forward to this. If I could initiate post via dbuzz that went out to Twitter with link back would be perfect.

Perfect 😀👏

Thank you @patrickulrich.

Hi I verified my app with twitter and posted on twitter but it did not get posted to hive check my tweet


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