dCity Presidential Platform (First Term)

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Hey guys, what's up?

I am @dannychain (more info about me on my intro post), and I'm once again launching my dCity presidential candidature.

Tax Policy

I'm opening this for debate, and I hope we can find the best terms for everyone.

Art Tax5,00%Day 1 to Day 4
War Tax10,00%Day 5 and Day 10 to Day 14
Eco Tax5,00%Day 1 to Day 4
Police Tax1,00%Day 5 and Day 10 to Day 14
Education Tax5,00%Day 6 to Day 9
Jobs Tax5,00%Day 6 to Day 9
Basic Tax1-20%I'll set it from 1% to 20% depending on SIM price. (mimicking Income Tax)
Luxury Tax70,00%Might change that with 3rd edition launch

Consider these taxes to be active throughout the term, unless stated otherwise. I should also point out that Income Tax and Lobbying could change the "total" taxes paid.

You can reach me on Discord by either DMing me (DannyChain#1419) or at the #dcity-politics channel (https://discord.gg/W5adqk7xHs).

You could also comment on this post with your questions/suggestions and I would gladly reply.

That's it for now, if you wanna elect me as your President, you could cast your vote for @dannychain on dCity.

Thanks for your time and (maybe) for your vote too! 😉

My Links

Website | Hypnochain | NFT Showroom | Blog | Twitter | Instagram | Keybase

P.S. I'm also a Hive-Engine Witness, so if you think I'm cool (or something along those lines) please head over to https://votify.now.sh/dannychain and cast your vote for me. 😉


Why would you go a full two weeks with war tax, instead of giving all taxes a set amount of days? Just wondering.

Updated the proposal just now. 😉

Thanks for you feedback! 😀 I will plan that cycle on a sheet and then update this post.

You're welcome. And good luck. If the race is close, you might just get my vote 😉

Thank you very much! I'm not really that good at asking for votes effectively... 😅

Nobody is the first time. It's one of the reasons I've yet to put my name on the ballot 😅.

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