dCity contest - write a post and win an Influencer card and SIM tokens

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About dCity

dCity is a mathematical and trading game based on non-fungible tokens available on Hive-Engine. Players build their own cities with tokens representing buildings, citizens, technologies, and earn income in the form of HIVE (based on ranking) and SIM token (based on city income). There are also cards that players can get only from playing the game like technologies, backgrounds and prevention cards.

Writing contest

With the recent introduction of the delegation system and the daily lottery between delegators to win an Influencer card, we also want to encourage and reward those who prefer a different way of getting rewards. We are announcing a contest where the reward for writing a post will be the Influencer card and SIM tokens.

The topic of the contest, namely what the post has to be about is: What is your way to get into the Top 400 and claim a free citizen every day?
We give users a completely free approach to what their post can look like. We encourage you to draw from your gameplay experience, share useful tips and strategies, and engage the dCity community with your insights. We want to reward those users who find the most interesting, simplest, most effective methods in approaching the given topic.

How to join?

To qualify for the contest, all you have to do is publish your post with the #dCity and #dCityContest tag on the Hive blockchain and send a link to the article on dCity Discord in the appropriate channel (posts-about-dcity). After some time when enough posts have been sent, dCity staff will send rewards to the authors of the winning posts along with information about winning.

The duration of the contest is unspecified and will continue until a sufficient number of rewards are sent (with the announcement of the end of this contest) or another contest is announced (which will automatically end the currently ongoing one).

Posts can be submitted from the moment this post is published.

Good luck dCity Mayors!


great initiative. One quick question will the recent post count for this contest.. written like three days ago.



Here's my article [video in Spanish] explaining the contest and also my strategy.