dCity Update Follow Up - Info and more contests

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one of the collectible dCITY backgrounds made by @zaxan


After the last major update we need a few more tutorials that explain the basic rules of the game and all of the new possibilities that have become available since the last contest.


  • You have 1 week to post a game tutorial for beginners
  • It can be a post on Hive or even a video on 3speak/youtube ( max 10min )
  • Use the tag dcity so we can find it easily, you can also drop the link to your post on the dcity discord
  • You can use any graphics used on the DCITY web page, or in posts made by @gerber or this account. Also there is #media-kit channel on discord

Winning Criteria:

  • Covering the most important rules of the game
  • Simplicity/user-friendliness



  • 100 HIVE for the best tutorial
  • 50 HIVE for second place
  • 25 HIVE for 3 other tutorials picked by the jury
  • Upvotes will also be given out to all submissions

Short Clips and Posts Contest

If you don't have time to make a tutorial, you can also make a short post or clip explaining your favorite mechanic or feature in the game. These will be rewarded with small tips 1-5 hIVE and upvotes. Remember to drop it on the game discord in right channel for posts.

Most Important New Features in dCity:

Technologies Tab

Unlocking technologies doesn't give you the actual technology card and bonus. Instead, by unclocking tech, you put technologies on the list for possible discovery. Then every day you have a chance based on your education level to discover technology. 40 Education = a 1% chance with a max cap of 25%.

When discovery happens, a card is chosen from a tier at random. Here is the probabilistic breakdown:

  • Tier 1 - 49%
  • Tier 2 - 29%
  • Tier 3 - 14%
  • Tier 4 - 6%
  • Tier 5 - 2%

As you can see if you are lucky with discovery, you have a 49% chance to get a Tier 1 technology card and a 2% chance for a Tier 5.

1 week after the last update was released, none of the Tier 4 & 5 tech cards were printed.

  • Players can trade technology cards
  • To be eligible for Discovery, your city needs to have a Research Center in it

Government Tab

In the government tab you can see the taxes set by the current president as well as the income tax (tax connected to the token price). For now dCITY is still under @gerber's dictatorship as we are testing all of the functions and make plans to add a few more before players launch political campaigns.


After the update, you can now organize more events in the game by using tribe tokens (STEM, CCC, WEED):

WEED and BEER production

Now we have 2 assets with in-game mining tokens. The Brewery and WEED Farm will produce BEER and WEED for players.

The screenshot above shows many tokens are produced by one Brewery or WEED Farm.

Both tokens are used to organize events, then 1% from event wallet is distributed every day to the owners of those buildings. There is also a Fully Automated Brewery technology which doubles your Brewery shares and if you organize a WEED Fest, your Weed Farm shares are doubled.


On a daily basis your immigrants and homeless are trained into workers (80%), artists (10%) and scientists (10%).

  • Every homeless/immigrant card gives a 0.01% chance for training.
  • Every Job Center card gives a 3% chance for training.
  • You can train 1 Homeless/Immigrant card daily but if you've got the Advanced Training technology card, it becomes 2 per day

Positive Popularity is required for training.

Special Effects on Assets


  • Hospital: +1% in population
  • Law Firm: 10% tax reduction


  • Job Center: +3% traning chance
  • Social Aid Office: -100 from social support costs
  • Military Industrial Complex: shares from war taxes


On a daily basis you can receive a background. The probability is defined by the Creativity in your city - 80 creativity = a 1% chance for a background with a max cap of 25%. Art gallery is required in city to receive background.

Work in Progress

Some elements on the webpage are still under development and the display for certain stats (especially those impacted by technology cards that change building stats) may be incorrect. We're working on that along with many other elements that will make the game UI/UX easier:

  • Market reorganization - grouping items for a better market exploration experience
  • Dashboard is being reworked - a summarized view to see how many items of each type you own
  • Stats on market (the actual 24h trading volume on cards is around 5000 HIVE), it would be nice to show some statistics about that ;)
  • Collection tab - a separate tab to manage backgrounds and maybe other in-game collectibles in the future
  • Mass Transfers - add a capability for mass transfers/sells on the webpage (currently, this feature is only available with the #cityhelper discord bot made by @mice-k)

Game WebpagedCity DiscordGame Tutorials
Game WebpagedCity discordby @apprentice001
by @kaeserotor

Guess I should sell my golden Yodin Zaku and put some into SIM 😂

Thanks for the mention, will try my best to write another tutorial for the new mechanics :)

Ah, yes I've been needing this.

Mass Transfers - add a capability for mass transfers/sells on the webpage (currently, this feature is only available with the #cityhelper discord bot made by @mice-k)

I can safely say I've used this haha... thanks for all the help Mice-k(sp?).

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This time we will take up the challenge!

Thanks for the update and the, err, update on the update! This makes things a lot clearer!

Keep up the great work guys. Loving the game as always!

An excellent game - this will not bring you instant benefits - this is a game for a long profit with good profitability and huge potential! 🚀 this is an early stage in the game and there will be many more updates - now is a good time to join and start earning income from your city!

This game gets better and better, I will try to participate in the contest.

I have been finding this difficult for a while. Thanks for this. I've now gotten more insight on how the game is played.

The discord invite at the bottom of the article is expired..... Have a new one?

Here is my tutorial.


Thank you for having a look :)

Yesterday I posted about my first day of experiencing the game, as it is made to be...
Not tutorial tho...just was inspired to write something about it!
Satisfaction is guaranteed ;)
Makes me happy about having a purpose...

The discord invite at the bottom of the article is expired.

Looks awesome! Is there a way that we can incorporate GROW token into the game? Incentivising growing your own healthy food from the farm?

I don't understand the 6 day countdown? If you did it just to get free red bar promotion we consider that abuse. But maybe i missed the reason in the post. please advise.

Rules: You have 1 week to post a game tutorial for beginners

I didn't even realize i used it 3 times in last 2 months. Not posting much, just from time to time and i think countdown it's for things like that? contest, release date, etc

next time will skip on that and will write a date on discord

Totally missed that line... then it totally makes sense to use it. Apologies.