Modern Home and cheap experiments

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About dCity

dCity is a mathematical and trading game based on non-fungible tokens available on Hive-Engine. Players build their own cities with tokens representing buildings, citizens, technologies, and earn income in the form of HIVE (based on ranking) and SIM token (based on city income). There are also cards that players can earn only from playing the game like technologies, backgrounds and prevention cards.

Modern Home

New combine building:

Modern Home

1x Construction Site,
1x Basic Home
1x Basic Automation
1x Basic Accounting
1x Free Internet Connection


Income: -1
Popularity: 1
Population: 3
Tax Refund: 2

Student education cost update

From now on finishing education on students cost 100 SIM. Refer to this post about the possible outcomes. Remember that students in debt now give a -1 to tax rebate, as decided by SIM club members.

Experiments cost update

After three months, the cost of experiments has now changed to 200 SIM. Good Luck in your Experimentation and read more about the mechanic and its possible results here.

SIM CLUB benefits

SIM CLUB members testing new discord feature, SIM rains on posts. Members can trigger rain on someone's last post. After 24h people who wrote comments under post receive small amounts of SIM token.
Other SIM CLUB benefits:

  • Daily Student nft claim
  • Discord Giveaways from time to time
  • Access to channels where future of Dcity is decided
  • SIM holding hive rewards for SIM power above 8000

What's SIM power and SIM CLUB?

SIM power = 30 days average holdings of SIM based on our daily snapshot. Sim Club members are an exclusive discord group for people with 1M+ SIM power.

To join the Club, you must hold at least 1 million SIM tokens for 30 days in your Hive-Engine wallet to get up to the required SIM Power level. SIM in the liquidity pool and on the market as bids also count towards SIM Power. Joining the Club is possible via the official Discord - just ask the dCity team to apply for a role.


Oooo, more tax refund!

This is an awesome new building combo! TY!


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5000 PGM IN STAKE = 2x rewards!

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Quick questions regarding SIM Club - so in the past, you earned HIVE if you held over 8000 SIM.

With the Club, does that mean you only earn HIVE if you have over 1 million SIM?

SIM holding hive rewards for SIM power above 8000

it's still 8k, nothing changed.
1M is above 8000

Thanks for the quick reply!

!gif make it rain

My daughter thinks I don't give her enough privacy.
At least that's what she wrote in her diary.

Credit: henryglowz
@dcityrewards, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @captaincryptic



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I just checked the market and the last ask was 4000 SIM for a Modern Home, so from 500 SIM Basic Home to Modern Home, one can earn nice while there is a chance.
Thanks for adding this and reducing fees.

Can I join and take advantage of the SIM club without playing the game?

Yes, you can just add 2,000,000 SIM worth of liquidity to the SWAP.HIVE:SIM LP.

Just earn LP rewards without ever logging into or playing with the game NFTs.

I will still cancel any student debt. Fuck Yeah. 🤑


@dcitygame! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @master-lamps. (2/10)

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