My dCity Dominance is Underway!

in #dcity3 years ago


In just a few days, I've managed to work my way into the top 150 in dCity!

I told you I was coming to take over all the cities. And I'm well on my way!

Since Friday, I've already acquired 131 cards and have climbed to 149th place on the @dCity sglCity rankings! I spent another 216 HIVE that I converted from worthless STEEM through ( will end up making me go broke! Still a good service though!)


My population and popularity are both over 550 now and my daily SIM income is currently at 451.


I also just unlocked my second technology, so now I have Police Equipment and Free Internet Connection unlocked in the Technology tiers. In 36 hours I plan to unlock Better Documentation Practice in order to move more quickly through these Tech tiers. The BDP tech reduces unlocking time from 36 hours to 24 hours. I should have made the Education tier my first two unlocks but getting this out of the way as my third unlocking isn't too bad.

As far as finances go, here's an up-to-date breakdown of my @dcity inflows and outflows so far:

CategoryHIVE SpentSIM SpentHIVE ReceivedSIM Received
Rank Rewards1.949
City Income1166

You can easily track your SIM rewards and card and technology spending with Hive Engine tools. This is my link and info so far:


I still need more workers in my city to fill a lot of jobs that should at least double my income when at full employment. I put a few factories up for sale on the market and hope that I'll get a buyer or two. If those sell, I'll buy more houses to help increase my population.

After're all doomed!

Good luck!