My Dcity and a question

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I have a messy, but fun dcity.

I have a question about Technology. I have unlocked the ability to mine all of the tech and I have a research center, so I am not sure why my technology remains at zero. Clearly I am missing some sort of a precursor, but I can't figure out what it is.


As you can see my tech is at zero, while I think education is high enough and I have mined a few tech cards..


Just a point of Interest, I did recently unlock the Asia background.


@dcity @gerber and Information would be appreciated.


1.Continuously shit on Hive in the last few months on Steemit.
2.Downplayed, sugarcoated whitewashed disgusting and criminal behavior of Steem witnesses and TRON.
3.Tried to equalize blame on both side.
4.Pushed the infantile "But you started it first" narrative.

Do you really think you should be welcome on Hive after all the shit you did and said?


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Good to hear there are more morally corrupt individuals here so shes not alone. You should make a community.

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I'm sorry. Your on the Internet. Have you some sort of objection to morally corrupt individuals???

Also whatsup has been a big part of the community for a long time and there were wrong moves made on both sides. Nobody was blameless in the whole mess so I would welcome back most existing members if they come to hive.

We will only be better for having a larger and more diverse community in the long run and will be stronger for recruiting old users. Having the fuck off attitude is good in the long run and will hurt our growth.

It's much better to welcome back old members that have years of activity and embrace different opinions. You don't have to agree with them but it's with having a think about them.

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*Not good attitude.

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Koreans were as well. Good riddance.
Her not voting might have got her off the chopping block but she was in their camp and stood for everything they stood for.

And no, there is no equal blame. There is not even a semblance of equality in the amount of blame to go between two the sides.

If in any way she is ever as involved with Hive and starts getting attention again, I'm going to tear her a new asshole and post all the shit she said about Hive during the whole ordeal with Justin Sun and it's aftermath. BLOCKCHAIN REMEMBERS. Even the Steem blockchain.
I'll frame it real nice. Might even make a positive spin to it:
"Hive communuty is so amazing that we even take back supporters of those that aim to harm us."
Or I might just go with.
"Snake in the grass"

Or she can Sincerely apologise for the shit she spread and stop blame sharing between the sides.

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I'm not going to correct everything that you've been saying that isn't true, but I don't need to you to welcome me.

You are also inaccurate and projecting things on me that simply didn't happen.

You cant correct anything because everything i said is absolutely true.
Theres pages of your moronic comments to dig through on Steemit.

Do you have school buildings or universities that increase the percentage ? Otherwise I'm not entirely sure why as after every 40 education you should receive at least 1% chance of discovery I thought.

yeah, I guess it was a bug! No problem

Mine is also zero :)
Not sure is it maybe a frontend issue. As long as those tech cards are working the representation on the web is secondary.

Also posted this question in the discord ... will update you with info :)


Mine has been at zero sometime. I don't know what it is either. People keep mentioning that someday you'll get lucky and it will unlock? no idea!

Turns out it is a bug! We are fine, we don't need anything!! whoot

How is the game? Should I be playing?

It's still very young. It's the type of thing you log into one a day or so do a few things and move on from.

Ohhh ya Ive played a game or 2 like that.. I'm more into action in games lol.. cryptobrew master is the same type of game I guess..?

Great to see you on hive. You are one of the people that I really missed front he old days and always hoped you would land over at some stage. 😀
Good to have you posting again.

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I miss the community and I miss feeling involved with the project.

We missed you too. It would be great to see a few more of the old crowd drift back in. There are a few that I miss seeing around the place.

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Technology will show count on tech, it was just made before technology update and left without any connection to real data. Should be fixed soon, We are now at stage of improving interface experience before rolling out next big updates.

You can try to set background to bring more colors to your dcity experience :)