How to Escape a Cult That's Taken Over the World. Pt. 4

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Step One: Know Your Comrades

Step Two: Choose Your Leaders Wisely

Step Three: Establish Your Goals

Click here for Part 1 where I cover what it is about this new world order that makes it a cult. You can also read more about the steps above in Part 2. In this part we will be covering the second step in more detail and finally covering one of the most important steps to lay the groundwork for what's ahead.

Without goals, lets be frank,

We are fucked.

We're completely lost. We have no strategy. We can't build a strategy until we fully establish and understand our goal.

We can argue that everybody has the same goal. "FREEDOM". But freedom is a vague concept and for the most part, a state of mind. Freedom is about choices. For over a year now people have been insisting

"You won't have . . . We don't have . . . I didn't have a CHOICE".

The reality is there is ALWAYS and always was a choice. People tend to say there isn't when the choice they wanted to make was made too difficult. So they may have made the wrong choice out of fear and if making the wrong one riddles their subconscious with guilt and shame, that can make the next choice harder. Whether in government or just a nosy neighbour with the petty power to shun and shame, the scale of panic choices goes from pretending to be "heroes" by wearing a petri cloth that soaks up bacteria in a warm, moist environment giving it better opportunity to grow, to choosing to transfer sick infected patients from a hospital into care homes to induce a surge in elderly deaths. These are examples of choices that can be so tormenting that the person cannot bare to see others get any benefit from making a different one.

So there are people who choose to make other choices more difficult both for themselves and others. For their choices to torment them less, they have to make choosing to do the right thing harder. What we've learned is that people who panic and live in fear repeatedly make the wrong choices. Lately I've been observing that as the threats of segregation and child vaccination get closer, it is us, not them who are feeling the most fear.

When emotions run high, logic runs low.

There is no shame in having fears. There is only shame in refusing to face and overcome them. In our moments of hopelessness, we are letting our fears and frustrations divide us. There is no consensus on "the right way" to get what we all want and most people haven't even established their own idea of what that is. This is because we have NO clearly defined GOALS.

When we don't have goals, we don't have FOCUS. We are easily distracted. The moment we become frustrated, we lash out at one another, looking for somebody to blame. I will repeat what I emphasised in Part 2 of this blog. Forget about shills. Forget they even exist. If you keep suspecting or accusing people for being a "shill" or "controlled opposition", the shill has already won. They've successfully distracted you and influenced you into creating division of the people.

We should behave as though there are no shills among us, only distractions.

Don't do the shill's job for them. If you consider somebody's efforts to be a distraction, then attack the idea and not the person. Attacking the person creates more distraction. Remember, it's the idea that is drawing people to that person, whether that person be a "shill", "controlled opposition" or (more than likely) just somebody who's taking a path that doesn't appear to you as the right one.

There is no reason to fear a shill. Their job is impossibly difficult IF we as a people are focused on our goal.

In this article I've broken down the first 3 steps to strategy, establishing clearly defined goals. My focus for the rest of the blog with be on what I perceive should be our collective goal and hopefully with your help, developing that into a strategy.


If you are completely focused on your goal you can't be distracted because once the goal is clear in your mind it's much easier to determine when something aligns and when it doesn't. A distraction might be alluring, it might stimulate your curiosity or your ego or give you a false sense of security, but when you return to the strategy you've established in your mind or on paper, if this doesn't fit in there, you can choose to stop wasting your time.

The best way that a shill can successfully decoy the people is by creating paranoia and suspicion among the people. Do not be distracted by people "exposing" what they perceive to be a "shill". Their intentions may not be bad. In fact, they probably have something more important they want to draw your attention to, but they're too distracted. The distraction is the issue, not the person.

Which one matters more? If they're right? Or if they're wrong? If they're right then once that person does something that does not align with our goals, those of us who know exactly what our goals are will naturally gravitate away by themselves. expose But if they're wrong?

At a time when we need leaders, who wants to lead a community of people who repeatedly accuse those who took the initiative to lead? People will start to choose sides when we should be on the same side. It will create more paranoia and suspicion among the people which will create more divides. You see how quickly a shill can destroy us when we aren't focused on a clearly defined goal? And they don't even have to be involved in any of the events above for it to happen.

So what's our goal?

Freedom means something different for different people. First there are the clueless, who believe they are free because the choice that they were making happens to be the one they believe doesn't cost them their freedom. But of course, if any choice at all costs you freedom, then you were not free to choose at all. They were coerced and they just didn't mind. Then there are those of us who made a choice that's perceived to cost our freedom; either by taking the injection knowing we didn't want it, or by not taking the injection, but allowing the fear of what this will mean for us to imprison us.


Remember, freedom is a state of mind. There are no chains on us. There was nothing the lockdowns prevented us from doing, other than things that involved people who imprisoned themselves. Another persons enslavement, does not determine yours or mine. I could be arrested for executing a constitutional right, but even behind those bars where I know I'm part of making history, I am free.

The day they break my spirit, and they may try, that is the day that I'm not free.

So freedom is not the only thing we are all seeking. With the right frame of mind, with spirit, courage and drive, we are already free. Telling yourself that you're not WILL hold you back as your excuse. Our lives are just not what they were because of the world crippling around us. So with regards to our goals we need to be much more specific than just freedom alone.

If you are not free, it's because you are held captive by your own fear or self doubt.

I'm not here to tell you what exactly your goals should be. But I will tell you, if you haven't overcome your fears induced by the current events, that should be your first goal. To be clear, this doesn't necessarily mean just accepting the circumstances as they are. Although, depending on what it is you fear, that may be a helpful option. Another way to help overcome them is by actually laying out your goals and the steps necessary to achieve them. That's what we're here for.

You can choose to treat this as a writing task, with pen or keyboard, or you can choose instead to meditate, even record yourself if it helps you to find the words. Whatever it is that helps you to deeply reflect. For me, writing has always been the best means to spring clean and tidy my mind. Everything becomes more clear.

So lets start by addressing your fears.

If you'd rather skip to the steps because you're inhumanly fearless, please do scroll down to SET THE GOAL.

I could list out a number of fears you could be experiencing, but I don't want to induce any more fear than you may already be feeling, especially as I'm already poking you, reminding you you have them. Only you can acknowledge what fears you're going through. What you might not know before reflecting on them is how they're holding you back. Fear and anxiety not only increase cortisol levels, ageing us and keeping us in a state of "fight or flight", but they also hinder our ability to think rationally because cortisol is designed to make us think faster, but not clearer.

Once you've listed your fears, you can go through them one by one, addressing them. Facing them head on like the lion you know you are. The first question you answer should be "Is there a solution to this worry right now in this moment or the near future?" If you answered with "yes" and how, then you can put it on a to-do list and move onto the next fear with a little weight off your shoulders.

On the other hand, if the answer is "no", "I don't know", or "it's not as simple as that", then your next question should be, "are you catastrophizing about things that might go wrong, when there's still a great possibility that you (or we) are wrong?" These questions are not to discourage you from preparing for the worst, just to remind you to keep an open mind. The less we fear what could but might not happen, the more rationally and logically we can plan to handle these things if they do happen. Talking to a good friend can help with this one. Sometimes you just need to be told bluntly, that you're a God damn lion and lions have nothing to fear. Whatever it is, you are capable of handling it.

It's also worth reminding yourself that we too get wrapped up in our own echo chamber of propaganda. Yes, much of the doomsday narrative we are listening to, which is not the mainstream narrative, is misleading. None of us are resistant to brainwashing. We can only choose what it is we wash our brains with. Fear sucks us into unhealthy news feeds that continuously induce more fear to suck us in again.

There's an old saying that goes “Watch your thoughts, they become your words; Watch your words, they become your actions; Watch your actions, they become habits; Watch your habits, they become your character; Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” In the modern day of social media it makes sense to precede this with "Watch your feeds, they become your thoughts."

Stay focused on what is within your control.

Now is the step where we take our fears and transform them into hope. For each of your fears, establish some goals about what steps you could take to alleviate these fears. Maybe it will involve reaching out to family you're worried about and taking in their reassurance. Maybe it will involve getting educated in an area that would strengthen your ability to handle whatever it is you fear. Maybe it will involve bringing certain people together, or finding an already established group who want to share hope instead of fear and prepare for the future together.

Once you've gone through each fear, established some goals and steps to reach those goals, it will be necessary to prioritise and remove anything that seems overwhelmingly difficult to achieve. If that brings back some anxiety, maybe return to this fear and work out other ways to alleviate them. It might even just involve meditating and accepting that we don't have control and we can't be prepared for every single thing that worries us. Have faith in the people around you. Although you might not be prepared for something, others in our network will be. Networking with the right people can bring you enough hope to free you of fear.

By now, you should have a manageable short list of achievable steps you can take to alleviate at least some of your concerns, and focusing on these will also help you to stress less about the rest. We'll probably never completely eradicate ourselves of fear, but as you focus on your new "to do list" you'll start to feel empowered.


While we don't have control of people or the way the world works, we do have impact. If you underestimate the power of that impact simply because you can't see or feel it or get a ping on your phone about it, you lose it and it gets delegated to people more confident than you. Those people get your power and may even use that power against you.

  • Establish your goal
  • What impact is necessary to achieve your goal?
  • What steps or actions are necessary to make that impact?
  • Have confidence in the impact you will have when you follow through.

I expect a lot of people reading this are thinking about how to change the way people think. If this is your only goal, you're free to use this for that purpose, but I'm going to ask you to think a little more outside the box. Often, getting people to think the way you want them to is like trying to catch a butterfly. You'll fail at almost every attempt, but when you relax, do your own thing and pay no attention to the butterfly, it comes and lands itself on you. We've been chasing butterflies for long enough. When you're doing something that alleviates a worry they've been burying in their subconscious, your garden will be full of butterflies.



Start by writing down between 1 - 3 goals that you believe either you as an individual, or we as a collective need to be working toward. If the goal you've written down is as vague as "freedom", you're going to need to write down specifically what that means to you. In fact, whatever it is you wrote down, go into more detail to get it clear in your head what it would look like once it's achieved.


Make sure whatever you just decided on as your goal is actually a goal, and not just a step towards an unestablished goal. For example, camping outside the Dáil to get in the face of politicians is not a goal. You need to be able to answer "what's the point? What will it achieve?". If all you want to achieve is just that, getting in peoples faces, then so be it. That's your goal. But if this suddenly sounds silly, then before you consider what you need to do, you need to go back and establish your goal. Before you go to any protest, establish what the goal is or what it is achieving. Don't tell yourself it will achieve nothing just because it won't overthrow the government or reverse any legislation. Read Part 3 for my list of reasons to keep protesting and uniting the people. We do not want to slow down our pace any more than it is.


Next, take what you wrote above and make sure it is realistic and achievable. If it isn't, rewrite it here in a way that it is. For example, lets say your goal is to re-establish "Irish Sovereignty" by overthrowing the government. First of all, you have to establish exactly what that means, all of the problems it will create, and how we would be prepared for them. Then consider what position we would have to be in, in order to do whatever it is "overthrowing the government" means to you.

For instance, in order for the Oireachtas of the Irish Free State to be established and recognised outside of Ireland, besides a 5 year civil war and War of Independence, the entire country of institutions including the legal system had to be rebuilt and redirected to stop supporting the Crown. The education system as we know was hijacked by the Catholic Church. Being under-prepared gave them the perfect opportunity to overpower us, our culture and our children. Without establishing new institutions to replace the old, we leave ourselves extremely vulnerable to much worse dependencies. So I would argue that a more reasonable goal than "overthrowing the government" would be to establish ourselves as independent of the government.

Now in order to first clarify what it means and second to ensure that it's realistic and achievable, lets write that into more detail. To establish ourselves as independent would mean rebuilding the institutions we as a country depend on, so that these new institutions are not connected to or funded by our government. If you're wondering how such a thing could be funded (without it coming from our pockets), have a little faith. That's where this blog is going.

Now when you look at the big picture, there are quite a large number of institutions we rely on. Healthcare, welfare, banking, education, even road maintenance. Of course that's just the tip of the iceberg and all this sounds incredibly overwhelming. As a goal for an individual this is unrealistic. However, as a collective goal, it is not only possible, but there is an innovative technology that exists to enable us to build systems that are more equitable, self sufficient and sovereign. So sovereign that no one person, group or institution can hold centralised authority over it.

If this sounds like a goal you'd like to get behind, talk to me. Follow my blog on telegram by clicking the link at the bottom and subsribing and join the chat group to message me directly.


So lets say you've gotten this far, you've redefined your goal and set it in stone. What if it's different from mine? What if you've read mine and thought ... "That's not what I think we should aim to achieve" or "That's not what I think we should focus on". Does that mean we're not united?

Well, that depends.

As long as "your goal" is something that, once achieved would help us to achieve "my goal", then if it were demonstrated to me I would try to ensure that I can be called upon to help. If you felt the same about "my goal", then these combine to become "our goals". Each of us just choose to prioritise them differently. We don't have to make our goals public to discover that we would all support each other. The purpose of establishing this goal is just for you, to have strength over any oncoming distractions and maintain focus.

So now you've established your ultimate goal.

With a clear goal in mind we can finally start to think about strategy.

Take a deep breathe.

Put the kettle on.

Take a bow.

That's enough torture for today.

Take some time to procrastinate. The video below demonstrates how an incubation period of procrastination can be the source of the best ideas.

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