What are Cipher Dogs?

The name happened about 2 years ago in the ZeroNet. We studied the decentralization technologies and decided to join forces in this process. In choosing a name, we relied on the fact that cryptography is one of the most important aspects of data storage. With the help of cryptography, privacy and anonymity can be ensured. Cryptography is an integral part of decentralization and blockchain technology. So our name appeared.


We have set ourselves the goal that we want to engage in the promotion of decentralization to the masses. Promote federated services (Mastodon, PixelFed), promote p2p messengers, promote cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Our first project in a ZeroNet network became a Random site. We have collected a database of all the sites we found in the ZeroNet and made a random site. Also on the network were created a forum based on ZeroTalk.

After we began to work on the regular Internet. We found for ourselves an interesting coin Monero. We are still users of this cryptocurrency and are trying to apply it everywhere.

We also made plugins with the cost display for cryptocurrencies Monero and Grin, a website with learning the language of smart contracts RIDE and a bot for posting the status of blockchains to the Mastodon network.

Now we are actively interacting with the cyber blockchain, as their technology seems to us very interesting. For them, we are developing extensions for the Firefox browser. We are also developing CipherKeys, an analogue of Keybase.

I hope this publication has clarified who we are. You can find the following links: Website - Github