The "owners" of Steem Speak With Forked Tongue

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In this article from, the author talks about the comparison in price for Steem and Hive since the hardfork and the launching of Hive.

They also give some insight into what is at the core of this event, from both 'sides',

and how the "owner's" of Steem are making sure they "do what's best for the good of the community", by censoring posts and comments.


So blessed and fortunate to have such Great Leaders!

The thing about centralization is that it assumes control exponentially and unceasingly.

That is its whole function and purpose. Those at the top, who 'assume' control have your interests at heart only to the extent that your interests serve their purposes. So they tell you what your interests are, that's how it works.

Having no interest in freedom, it is the antithesis of centralization's whole existence.

So imagine if the Hive hard fork could have failed?

Does anyone think that would have quelled the centralization?

I believe it would have been even worse than it is on Steem now.

Think about history and the corresponding paradigms in society.

Centralization means Control, Decentralization means Freedom!

Hive On!

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