City Council Votes to Make Policing Plants One Of The Lowest Priorities For Police

The city council members in Ann Arbor, Michigan, recently voted to essentially make the policing of psychedelic plants like ayahuasca, ibogaine, peyote, mescaline, and mushrooms, one of the lowest priorities for law enforcement in the region.

Policing Nature And Victimless Crimes

More specifically, the vote on the resolution they made would change the priority for arresting and investigating people when it comes to their actions for planting, cultivating, transporting, distributing, purchasing, or engaging in a variety of actions involving Entheogenic Plants or plant compounds that are found on the Federal Schedule 1 list with the government.

It isn't a free market for these products yet, despite some decriminalization efforts.

A Restricted Market

There will still be a variety of rules remaining, including the criminalization for manufacturing and commercial sales etc, for items that include these products, as well as using those items while operating a motor vehicle etc.

But as far as placing a priority on policing people over plants found on the Controlled Substance Act, officials are showing that they want change. They are showing that they see these actions as a part of a no-win war, and recognize fully that those resources are being wasted. It's the truth that the attention and time of law enforcement agents are going to be better spent elsewhere. Not only that, but there are also growing efforts seeking to shed some light on the healing potential of these plants.

"There’s so much scientific evidence and current clinical trials with entheogenic plants/fungi, but they’re not currently available to the people of Ann Arbor.” - J Barron, chair of Decriminalize Nature Ann Arbor

There are many other crimes to focus on in Michigan and elsewhere, aside from people who might be growing or buying psychedelics for various purposes. Other regions like Denver and Oakland have also made similar changes, in moving to decriminalize some natural hallucinogenics like psychedelic mushrooms. There are ongoing efforts in other places, like Oregon, which are seeking to achieve the same.