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RE: CovidPass - The Technocrats Wet Dream for mass enslavement and submission

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Thank you for the post, and lots of good links to check out.
I don't remember when we ever hired government (or anyone) to keep us safe from microbes. I believe we mandated some people to maintain borders and do a few other key tasks, but it seems they've slowly taken over our lives and society. The covid passport is an elite power grab and technocratic wet dream.


Exactly. Well said.

Thanks. And yo, this is a little off topic, but briefly, I'm sorry for the negativity over recent weeks. I realized recently that it was out of control and I'm taking steps. I can't promise to be mister sunshine 24/7, and that's not healthy or useful anyway, but you'll see/hear a lot less of it from me. There's a time and place. Anyway, keep up the great work.