Show Notes: #STWT Show 213: BRI Order China to Invade Taiwan? Nick Fuentes & Wizard Order Exposed.

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Show Notes: #STWT Show 213: BRI Order China to Invade Taiwan? Nick Fuentes & Wizard Order Exposed.

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Show Notes:

STWT 213

Susan Wójcicki sucks:

Inciting Violence:

Federal Reserve is the issue:

The bankers want you dead:

Frogs turning gay:

Our future:

Missouri and Louisiana vs the left and for freedom of speech:

Fauci and the Truth:

Kushner, Kissinger and the BRI Traitors:

Kushner deal with Saudi and Israel:

China BRI Taiwan and North Korea:

Opening Ceremony:

China setting the stage legally for invasion of Taiwan.

Us Intel China is building an army to invade Taiwan:

Taiwan forced to scramble jets in response to China military drills:

China makes second largest incursion into Taiwan air defence zone | News | Al Jazeera:

China Openly stating they will invade Taiwan:

China making moves to take Taiwan by force:

US trying to sell Taiwan
Weapons to defend itself from a Chinese invasion:

North Korea fires likely submarine-launched ballistic missile, South Korea says:

The Chinese will likely get North Korea to do some sort of military action to distract the region’s forces from Taiwan before invasion.:

NK Lockdown:

Ghost of Kiev:

US Intel killed the Russian Generals:

Ukraine Larper:

PedoGate News:

Elon Musk taken out for lunch:

Ghislaine Maxwell is moved out of solitary confinement cell after two years of 'torture' as she awaits sentencing for sex trafficking:

FBI in on Hunter Biden Laptop:

Excuse me Will Smith?

Rabbis arrested:

Corona Nonsense:

How it started and ended:

No aid for little girl:

WHO Order:

Families being separated:

The Source is what matters not the info:

Not good at stopping transmission:

Running for Alaska Senate, Janice Lynn Park claims: ‘The unvaccinated are killing the rest of us’:

IIA Clowns:

Truth about the truth community:

Internet is dead:

View Counts are fake:

Nick Fuentes and his shady financiers:

Nick Fuentes FBI Informant?

Whitney Webb v Maria Farmer:

Whitney Webb:


Ali Akbar:

Ali Akbar:

We Stealz Playdo Snakes:

Joe Rogan eyes wide shut:


Jim Stewartson:

So I was digging into the comet circle and nora maccoby/robert david steele affiliation and found this info rather spicy. going on. Perhaps triggered by this, or perhaps in a totally random coincidence, Fox went on Lestat’s channel to talk about Thomas.

WikiLeaks is actually a common thread connecting many of these characters.

Defango tried to get involved with WikiLeaks via the Unity4J movement. They kicked him out. Lestat, who seems to vacillate between working for these people and betraying them, claimed this was because Defango created an online store and tried to embezzle donation money meant to free Julian Assange. #YMMV. Do your own research, as always, this is someone who knows the guy personally, collaborated with him for years and even took hush money from him. I’m not saying you have to believe him, he lies about me frequently. At the same time, I have no reason to disbelieve him on this, it certainly sounds plausible.

Defango’s partner Trevor Fitzgibbon also got himself entangled in WikiLeaks. For a while he did PR for Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Michael Ratner. He is connected to the Center for American Progress, founded by John Podesta. Conflict of interest, much? He has had a long working relationship with David Brock, founder of Media Matters and ex-boyfriend of James Alefantis. These people are literally the ground zero of #PizzaGate.

Defango was tied up with his former attorney Steven Biss, who is representing Robert David Steele (multi-time Defango show guest) in his lawsuit against Jason Goodman (also very mixed up with Defango). Thomas Schoenberger introduced Steven Biss to #RussiaGate’s Carter Page. He denies Lestat’s claim that he introduced Biss to General Michael Flynn. Biss was the lawyer for former House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes in multiple social media defamation suits including $300 million lawsuit against a Twitter troll account “Devin Nunes Cow”.

Steven Biss’s wife Tanya is good friends with Nora Maccoby. She has been found giving large superchats to YouTube truthers to promote messages favorable to the Maccobys (she denies their connection to Laura Silsby and Friends of the Orphans in Haiti). I had a falling out with Jan Irvin immediately after he started interacting with Nora in the wake of the #PizzaGate revelations from WikiLeaks. Her brother Max Maccoby was James Alefantis’ lawyer. Their father Michael Maccoby is connected to the Frankfurt School and MKULTRA doctors like Henry Murray (OSS) and Timothy Leary (CIA). He is the top psychiatrist in Langley. Nora made a video about growing up in a CIA family in a CIA neighborhood – which happens to be the neighborhood where Comet Ping Pong is located.

The Horrors of Love and Light - Barbara Marx Hubbard - John Brisson and Arturo on The Farm:

Metaverse in a nutshell:


Soldier of Misfortune:

Wants to abort herself:


Paintball driveby:

Paintball alley:

Brink of Collapse?

Hair gone lol:

In Flight fun:

Meth the Musical:

Guy unloads:

GTA style escape:

Crypto Currency:

CBDC’s are coming:

Buy the Bitcoin Dip: