DeepOnion TOR Cryptocurrency: Things Are A-Changin'!

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Howdy Steemians & Onionites!

Just wanted to update you on a few important changes and additions that are happening with DeepOnion.

Website Makeover

Recently we added a couple news moderators to the group, @Impressive & @DogLover. These two are rather "impressive" for a lack of better words and developed a beta site for DeepOnion @ Since this beta site, the DeepOnion crew has decided to work together with our new mods and implement this beta style on the website. Of course there's going to be a few minor changes before it's fully released, but this is a wonderful new style soon to be implemented.


You might've noticed a new profile section in the forums called "DeepPoints". This setup allows users to earn DeepOnion by creating content and being active in the DeepOnion forums. These points can be redeemed for DeepOnion for trading or to use in the soon to be implemented DeepOnion Marketplace

Thanks to @jimmybob for this image!!


Airdrop Changes

Now, the best for last. The airdrop rules are changing!!! This is extremely important and wanted from not only DeepOnion supporters, but the admin and mod squad. The old rules, though very innovative and working greatly, still allow for possible scammers and cheaters to try to enter the Airdrop. The new system completely eliminates the scam & cheat vulnerability allowing GOOD participants to not be canned even if they don't deserve it. This will eliminate the huge backlog of banned support requests allowing dev, admin and moderators to work on new projects to further the enhancement of DeepOnion.

I can't give full details, but here's a sneak peak of what to expect Week 16:

  1. Former Rejected applicants will be eligible for the new airdrop
  2. No more manual verification. Everything will be automatic
  3. Signature and posts will still be required. Amounts will change

I REALLY want to give more details, but that's all I can release at the time. Be sure to watch the Bitcointalk and DeepOnion Forums for specific dates and rules.

This is a really exciting time for DeepOnion. "Keep up"

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