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All crypto traders are already tired of overwhelming experiences been encountered on the several exchanges we have lately, a large portion of these exchanges just care about their very own most extreme benefit and benefits at the detriment of traders reserves. Like we all are aware that there are 2 fundamental types of exchanges for cryptocurrency exchanging which are centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges.

Several new projects develop on regular schedule with resultant increase in cryptocurrencies too which makes it very evident that blockchain the technology is the next generation of technological advancement. However, we all are aware that the most well-known platform where these cryptocurrencies can be acquired either to use them for their primary usecase or trade them for long or present moment is through cryptocurrency exchanges and we need not emphasize excessively that the majority of the exchanges we all are used to makes cryptocurrency exchanging a whole parcel of discouragement for investors and cryptocurrency traders to invest in. This is fundamentally because of the inadequacies and defects that are being experienced on these cryptocurrency exchanges.

Decentralized exchanges undoubtedly have wide number of advantages over centralized because centralized exchanges are being faced with the dangers of ;

Unreasonable competitionInappropriate security measuresPolitical dangers andDanger of authorizations.

Every one of these issues and vulnerability of being faced with centralized exchanges needs urgent arrangements, this is the sole reason behind the creation of DEEX platform.

The most widely recognized and baffling of these challenges been experienced on these exchanges are basically absence of tight security and high exchanges fees. An exchange without great security as we all know is profoundly prone to assaults by cyber culprits and hackers thereby making investors and traders subsidizes unsafe. Additionally, exchanging on an exchange with outrageous exchange fees is very disheartening to low capital traders and investors and likewise some enormous investors.

A whole parcel of other problems being experienced by traders on most conventional exchanges are countless, hence a urgent need to procure an answer for these challenges in other to encourage crypto-exchanging and use-case of these cryptocurrencies.


DEEX platform is dedicated to putting a lasting answer for the problems that are being experienced on the conventional exchanges we all are used to. DEEX is based on Bitshares 2.0 technology which is a decentralized blockchain based platform and permits the creation of very efficient smart contracts for application in several areas of economic activities which are being used in worldwide internet space for arrangement of services. There are several reasons behind the appropriation of Bitshares 2.0 on this platform, for example,

Decentralization feature

Exchanging of cryptocurrencies with a stable price

Superior which is up to 100,000 exchanges per second

Recurring and Scheduled Payments - periodic and planned payments

Delegated Proof-of-Stake Consensus (DPOS) - Delegated Proof of Participation, among others.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Deex Platform?

Its safe for creation of decentralized and transparent blockchain system

Safe for leading ICO

Creation of possess crypto ATM agent network

Arrangement of cryptocurrency debit cards

Development of API for outsider integration among others.


DEEX platform is made up of well experienced and competent team with the sole point of enhancing investors and traders experiences on the exchange platform as opposed what's the difficulties being experienced on other platforms which makes its distinctively different.

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