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RE: Is this wise?

in #defi2 years ago

Dude, I'm super glad you're back, I thought you went MIA for good. I was reminiscing on the good old days when I bought some shady coins because you were into them but they went the way of the dodo :P. What do you think 2021 will bring to Hive if anything? oh and Happy New Year ! :)


Lol which ones? I didn't talk about any crypto projects after getting into Tauchain/Agoras. No idea about Hive, I haven't been active for some time. I think it can learn from Wise though especially the part about the ownerless pool and referral system.

one of them was substratum now called IOST, I lost all my coins because exodus delisted them :)) the other one I can't remember it's name ( even for this one I had to search a fair bit to find out it's name )

Ah Substratum, sold it off at some point, didnt know they're called IOST now. But are they really? Doesn't look like it.. anyway I think Binance is currently funding a similar type of project.

the logo confused me, they have very similar logos and I though they rebranded or something