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RE: DeFi on Hive: Automated Market Making for the Masses

in #defi3 months ago

So 100 Bee of register and then 200 stake just to use the service?
Bullshit. Thats fucked up.
Please unregister my account @sidekicker and send back the 100 Bee...


The service runs on decentralized smart contracts, meaning we have no control to do things like cancel account registrations. And fees get burnt, they don't go to us, so there's nothing to refund. If you decide not to use the market maker, simply turn off your account or don't add a market.

100 BEE at the moment costs around $17, which is a fairly small amount given the potential upside. And you don't lose your stake (you can unstake it any time you want), that simply represents the fact that while you use the market maker you are consuming system resources which has a small cost.

It would have been quite nice if you have mention the fees by numbers in this post :)
No where does it state it requires additional a buy of 200 bees if one doesn't have them x)

So thanks for the useless info! :D