Delegation of Steem Power is Setup - Voting ROI of about 80 percent

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Hey folks,

For those who want to put their SBD to work on the voting bot, I have setup an algorithm that will acknowledge delegated SBD and payout daily.

For example if you delegate 1000 sp and ur voting contribution is like:

14 cents x 11 votes a day = $1.54

The return would be about : 0.8 sbd a day give or take flunctuations.

So if you sunk 10k sp, you would get about 8 sbd a day.

Bear in mind this is when steem price is $2.10

If the Steem price went up to $4 then u would get about 16 SBD on Steem power of 10k.

The first 10 people to put 1k of delegated steem will get 2 free up votes on any content they choose.

Also, if your unsatisfied then u can always take ur Steem back.

Here is an article on delegating ur steem:

In this case the delegatee would be 'danlupi'

I will be setting up an easy web interface to delegate ur steem.

With the current steem price the ROI is about 80 %, so if you have a voting total per day of 100 dollars u will get back 80 dollars USD.


Good information guys . . . . !!
Thank you for sharing.....!!!
Hopefully your sucsesfull.....!!!!!!!

Looks quite impressive will try next week for sure

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