Delegate your HP and get 20 times upvote daily (Equivalent APR up to 25%) or APR 16% return - Day:22

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Hi All,

Thanks for your support!If you delegate your HP to @hive.curation, enjoy your daily rewards for your delegation:

Daily Reward:

  • You will either get a upvote with 20 times of your delegated HP on your post (for whitelist users) daily, or
  • Get a daily interest HIVE payment with equivalent APR = 16%, 2020-06-29 ).

If @hive.curation's HP is not high enough to upvote your post with 20 times of your delegated HP , you will get a full upvote and the gap will be paid with HIVE with APR = 16%, 2020-06-29 ). (for example, if your delegation is A = 1000 HP, and the maximum upvote can provide is equivalent of B=10,000 HP full upvote, the gap will be: A - B/20, which is 1000-10,000/20=500 HP, The daily interest HIVE payment will be 500*16%, 2020-06-29 )/365 HIVE ).


I will frequently review all delegator's account and update the whitlist users. Usually if you meet any of the following requirement, you will be automatically added to the whitelist:

  • Your average post value > $1
  • or your delegation > 5000*($1-your average post value)

However if you want to be 100% sure to get the daily vote right after your delegation, leave a comment on any of my recent post before your delegating your HP. I will get back to you very soon.


All upvotes/daily interest payment will on a detail daily report. Please remember after HF21/22 introduce a new curve which is non linear, called the convergent linear curve, the actual voting value depends on upvotes of each post. The voting value listed in the daily report are standard voting value(standalone upvote value, assuming no other upvote from others). The actual voting value increase as the total upvote value the post increases, it is usually 1-2 times of the value listed below.

Daily reward report:

HIVE IDHP delegatedRewardEquivalent APRPost upvoted
@robmojo1000.1380.438HIVE16.0%[Post Upvoted][No post]
@badpupper50.0280.022HIVE16.0%[Post Upvoted][No post]