Sponsor report for 21.11.2022-27.11.2022 APR - 12.927%

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About us

We are supporting Ukrainian community by curation. Sponsors get 90% of total weekly curation amount, including curation from own 5998 HP.
In addition to usual sponsors payout, delegators are getting UAP Hive-Engine token. More about it

ROI calculated as sum of HIVE and UAP token payout


  • Total investors: 63
  • Total curation for previous week (90%): 257.706 HIVE
  • Total UAP token payout: 14.265 UAP
  • ROI - 12.927%
  • 2.486 HIVE per 1000 HP delegated weekly
SponsorDelegationHIVE PayoutUAP Payout
@alesya-h9100.67 HP0.196 HIVE0.011 UAP
@amyli33207.49 HP0.404 HIVE0.022 UAP
@antiretroviral585.64 HP1.140 HIVE0.063 UAP
@bilpcoinbpc10.27 HP0.020 HIVE0.001 UAP
@boga4209.65 HP0.408 HIVE0.023 UAP
@bombus50.27 HP0.098 HIVE0.005 UAP
@c21c2005.54 HP3.904 HIVE0.216 UAP
@chazashleyua215.33 HP0.419 HIVE0.023 UAP
@chornogorsky1429.81 HP2.783 HIVE0.154 UAP
@contact95310.17 HP0.020 HIVE0.001 UAP
@coriolis1522.60 HP2.964 HIVE0.164 UAP
@cryptobandera257.83 HP0.502 HIVE0.028 UAP
@darynka214.46 HP0.417 HIVE0.023 UAP
@dfen746.69 HP1.453 HIVE0.080 UAP
@dreamsct203.63 HP0.396 HIVE0.022 UAP
@drorion107389.26 HP209.025 HIVE11.570 UAP
@eii103.46 HP0.201 HIVE0.011 UAP
@eramir50.37 HP0.098 HIVE0.005 UAP
@expertua78.20 HP0.152 HIVE0.008 UAP
@formosa17.78 HP0.035 HIVE0.002 UAP
@freedot30.22 HP0.059 HIVE0.003 UAP
@gamefiles209.20 HP0.407 HIVE0.023 UAP
@ganjafarmer200.34 HP0.390 HIVE0.022 UAP
@hivetoshi1815.88 HP3.534 HIVE0.196 UAP
@inna-yatsuk81.98 HP0.160 HIVE0.009 UAP
@klepalka1.98 HP0.004 HIVE0.000 UAP
@kobusu1226.42 HP2.387 HIVE0.132 UAP
@kontora554.15 HP1.079 HIVE0.060 UAP
@lanasvet204.26 HP0.398 HIVE0.022 UAP
@m1rage-gaming20.42 HP0.040 HIVE0.002 UAP
@makszafon215.48 HP0.419 HIVE0.023 UAP
@master-ok42.66 HP0.083 HIVE0.005 UAP
@nataliabuchynska206.01 HP0.401 HIVE0.022 UAP
@nazavzhdy1236.31 HP2.406 HIVE0.133 UAP
@nicklewis10.06 HP0.020 HIVE0.001 UAP
@nutsua46.25 HP0.090 HIVE0.005 UAP
@ok-top204.69 HP0.398 HIVE0.022 UAP
@oleholya1051.87 HP2.047 HIVE0.113 UAP
@oleksandr31.46 HP0.061 HIVE0.003 UAP
@olexua6.08 HP0.012 HIVE0.001 UAP
@pay2earn201.75 HP0.393 HIVE0.022 UAP
@pervitin867.21 HP1.688 HIVE0.093 UAP
@polyideic214.05 HP0.417 HIVE0.023 UAP
@preparedwombat1007.60 HP1.961 HIVE0.109 UAP
@prolinuxua224.02 HP0.436 HIVE0.024 UAP
@ravion10.07 HP0.020 HIVE0.001 UAP
@replicantua587.95 HP1.144 HIVE0.063 UAP
@rolfikandjulie200.24 HP0.390 HIVE0.022 UAP
@serafym78.20 HP0.152 HIVE0.008 UAP
@sergeyk516.79 HP1.006 HIVE0.056 UAP
@shenan212.74 HP0.414 HIVE0.023 UAP
@splinterlands-ru212.74 HP0.414 HIVE0.023 UAP
@stranger27204.67 HP0.398 HIVE0.022 UAP
@strecoza203.42 HP0.396 HIVE0.022 UAP
@tosiboshi807.06 HP1.571 HIVE0.087 UAP
@uadigger213.08 HP0.415 HIVE0.023 UAP
@ukrainian616.30 HP1.200 HIVE0.066 UAP
@upekarova430.18 HP0.837 HIVE0.046 UAP
@vabadaba416.52 HP0.811 HIVE0.045 UAP
@vxn6661099.14 HP2.139 HIVE0.118 UAP
@whisky210.75 HP0.021 HIVE0.001 UAP
@yahodkina.olesia205.67 HP0.400 HIVE0.022 UAP
@yetaras1054.77 HP2.053 HIVE0.114 UAP

Excluding dlease.com delegations and curation program users.

Delegate to our curation bot to support Ukrainian Hive community and receive high payouts

10 HP | 50 HP | 100 HP | 200 HP | 500 HP | 1000 HP


Thank you once again and really appreciate supporting this account and what you do.

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