Special Post For Trumptards & Your Trump god - "Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger: '"President Trump is a Failed Leader'"

in #democracy9 months ago (edited)

"Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger: "President Trump is a Failed Leader""

EDIT: The post was supposed to have the payout declined. If the post is not nuked by Steemit/Justin Sun shills and/or trumptards, the rewards will be burnt.


Not that I disagree but given the state of California, even when Arnold was the Governator, I'm not sure he has room to talk.

Love the prayer to Biden at the end.
BLM smashing windows of privately owned business for 6 months isn't kristallnacht; but a handful of MAGA bois protesting in a public place is.
Stop the ride, I want to get off.


I don't know, but I heard Arturo D'leira did it.

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I'm happy that your new spam bot @quackwatch have so much support from Hive community