Special Post For Trumptards & Your Trump god - "Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger: '"President Trump is a Failed Leader'"

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"Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger: "President Trump is a Failed Leader""

EDIT: The post was supposed to have the payout declined. If the post is not nuked by Steemit/Justin Sun shills and/or trumptards, the rewards will be burnt.


Is this a deep fake? Does it matter?

Not that I disagree but given the state of California, even when Arnold was the Governator, I'm not sure he has room to talk.

Love the prayer to Biden at the end.
BLM smashing windows of privately owned business for 6 months isn't kristallnacht; but a handful of MAGA bois protesting in a public place is.
Stop the ride, I want to get off.


I don't know, but I heard Arturo D'leira did it.

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Why You are downvoting me ????


Why You are downvoting me ????

History of fraud with refusal to stop keeping stealing writings of other people and publishing as own (aka plagiarism).

And where is the plagiarism in the blogs you downvoted ?

Hey man. Why the downvotes on my account?

I don't know what the activity of the second and third account has got to do with me. I invited the second and the third is someone I met here on hive. I don't see what offense my alternate account i.e the fourth committed.

I see you just go ahead with downvoting people as you wish with no thorough investigation. Little wonder you accounts are been flagged to stupor.

I've already left Hive for you. You Go ahead with doing whatever you wish as I'm already powering down and moving on to a better Blockchain.

"I see you just go ahead with downvoting people as you wish with no thorough investigation. Little wonder you accounts are been flagged to stupor"

I am not sure what you mean. The evidence can be seen in the replies.
We provided evidence of plagiarism fraud for these 2 accounts.


You invited a plagiarist.

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Seems I upvoted this by mistake so I’ll keep posting that this idiot and his video are completely moronic

Many Accomplishments by President Trump.
A real President!

The hatred for Trump and the love of a Democratic Party that uses race and now covid to separate and divide, the total ignorance of the law and constitution unless it fits their narrative of not abolishing slavery but to make everyone a slave, totally dependent on the government to TELL you how your suppose to live, with no freedom of choice.
With the likes of Maxine waters encoring violence, promoting people to follow anyone that supports Trump harass them, tell them their not welcome here, yeah that’s real democracy, no that Mobocracy, and that’s what democrats are promoting.
Trump built a wall to stop not just illegal crossing but the trafficking of woman and children, drugs, gangs and terrorist now simply walking across our borders, democrats believe in a one world government that attacks and destroys governments and individuals that do not agree and displace their people around the world.
Trump created peace in the Middle East and did not start any wars.
Yet you vilify him because your brain washed to think it.
He was voted in because people had enough of politicians promising the world and delivering shit.
But here again is proof that they want to divide this country, they went after him with every media outing everything he did under a microscope, yet we have Biden that left Billions of equipment and AMERICANS in Afghanistan, where’s the media? Crickets.
He shut down pipelines in the US that created energy independence and created a higher jobless rate, yet allowed Russia to complete theirs which made them a large oil supplier and dependent of that oil in Europe.
Again crickets.
He illegally called out a mandate that is against the constitution of his powers and forced many more people to lose their jobs, more unemployment, crickets.
Let’s not even get into the whole Hunter Biden with the back door deals he made with Ukrainian and China which Goid ok Joe was part of, as well as the real quid pro quo when he threatened to withhold funding from Ukrainian unless the fired the investigator investigating his son.
Yeah I’ll stick with Trump

I'm happy that your new spam bot @quackwatch have so much support from Hive community