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RE: Mexico Part 4: der Besuch eines der 7 Weltwunder // Visitando una de las 7 maravillas del mundo (DE/ESP)(Fotos + Videos)

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Chicken Pizza! :D

Now seriously, another top notch post about places so familiar to me :) Thanks for bringing all those sweet memories Liz. Btw seems that we somehow missed Cenote Sagrado... I don´t remember seeing it, that´s strange :D :/


Hahaha yes chicken pizza! I had an airbnb guest once, well a couple from the US back then, when I was still living in Playa del Carmen. And they booked a tour to Tulum ruins + Cenote through me. Somehow they thought this and Chichen Itza was the same thing, only that they didn't know anything about mayan culture whatsoever. So a while after booking it, they called their sun on facetime and told them about their plans the next days and she said: Yes honey, we are gonna go to this mayan sight. You know Chicken Itza, the mayan chicken farm 😂😂😂 .. it was hilarious and very sad at the same time 😅, but I ll never forget haha!
Well, the cenote is not that special really! It is just a waterhole really deep down, where they sacrified virgins and goods for the god.. so obviously its not open for swimming etc.. also the water is not very clean 😉

Hahaha crazy story :D I actually heard this pun from some tour sellers on the Fifth Ave in Playa. Sounds funny :)

Lol really? Well that explains it hahha, maybe they did book one to the famous mayan chicken place there 😉😂