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in #dev2 months ago

I've just created a custom subdomain for my @hiveonboard referrer URL as follows: and love to use it, BUT:

  1. sometime just doesn't load my data to the Referrer box
  2. there is a scary rule, like: phone number is required
  3. but when someone will step back because of it, the username already occupied, profile is generated, but impossible to sign in with the generated private keys


Love to have a good referrer URL to HIVE, because

  1. @hiveonboard doesn't serving well
  2. @ecency's signup queue is likely full!
  3. and I have no skills to code my own, but any other solutions are welcome 🙏

Ecency signup works quite ok, but we do allow only one signup per user, if you attempt to create 2 or more accounts then you will get queue message.

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