Change Request: Make Author Option to publish to all or followers only

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This should be very self explaining, but a function that take advantage of the followers function of the blockchain should be considered a logical new options for #newsteem moving forward.

Having Subscribers/followers/fans is awesome, and there should be a perk in that regard like premiering content for logged in followers before the rest of the world get access to the post. This could also lead to a functionality making posts private/unlisted.


Play with the idea please.


Or we could have communities like subreddits on reddit, and every community can be its own blockchain. Then your account could be like a wallet and you could choose which communities/blockchain you would sync with. And you could only interact with the communities you have synced your account too.

And you could have a page that collects posts from all the communities/blockchains similar to r/all on reddit.

Then people could choose to either see posts from a select few communities or from all of them.

You could also make it possible for people to create new communities for a fee of for example 500 steem.

I don't know if this is possible or even makes any sense, but it's what i would want to see.

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Please someone @steemit make this happen. STEEM premium. STEEMIUM. #newsteem

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I've always thought this is how things will evolve over time. If communities work similarly to subreddits users will be able to subscribe/follow certain communities and only see posts by them and steemit/the blockchain will sort of be like r/all on reddit or the internet+deep web combined where everything will be there and a mess and most users will tend to their follow feeds or just followed communities feeds.

Definitely worth a consideration. Curious to hear arguments against - because I can't think of any from the top of my head.
Well, one maybe. SMT could be configured like that.

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This is a great idea for the condenser level. I have another for you. Change downvote back to a flag. Call the upvote button a tip jar, and add a Reddit style up and downsort button which only serves to sort content. The upsort downsort buttons will accept all votes as equal, and allow only one vote per post and per IP address. The way it works: You read a post, and if you like it, you tip it and upsort it. If you don't like it, downsort. Upsorts and downsorts should be anonymous. I think something like this would cause people to fix trending on a daily basis.

Okay, this isn't doable.

Now, changing the interface to show only the listings you want to see is doable, but the block chain is open to being looked at by everyone.

There is nothing hidden. It would take immense effort to hide it.

meaning, you would have to encrypt every post and then only decrypt the post for all the people "authorized" to view it.

So, most people just view their feed. And that is a list of people they follow. But, the bots and anyone who wants to, looks at the entire block chain. And everything is visible.

It should be if you just do it on the condenser level, right?

No, absolutely not.
You are asking for an intermediate layer, a layer between everyone and the blockchain that can be, will be used for censoring.

Hmm.. I don't think his idea is about censorship per se. He wants the option to publish in such a way where only his followers will see the post. So maybe it's a form of self-censorship? Something like this could be triggered by adding a special tag, similar to how the NSFW function works. If it's at the condenser level only, other condensers can simply choose not to implement it if they don't like the idea. In fact, STINC doesn't have to do this, anyone with a condenser can.

All the bots do not use a condenser.

So, most of what @frystikken wanted would be mute.

Else, the post is just one of thousands, the chances of being stumbled upon are minuscule.

The default (sorta) right now is that only your followers and the bots see your posts.

But, this doesn't end the problem. That of people outside of the group seeing and messing with the post. Thus, you would have to do something that breaks STEEM to implement this. And any such breaking ends up with a tool to censor.

What if the author could encrypt the post on the blockchain and only individuals the author approves (“all followers” could be one option) will be able to read the post? This would also allow certain authors to have subscribers, etc having additional ways to earn income.

Excellent idea @fyrstikken. I have yet to see the real perks of having followers. If they can be privy to private or exclusive content, that should fulfill the need of following a creator. I believe youtube does something similar with patreon supporters who get access to content before the general public. Not sure if it's in line with this idea but interesting none the less. Cheers.

After the new steem concept this is very important as everyone seem to be losing mind

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