Hive core developper meeting #9

in #dev7 months ago

Meeting tl;dr:

Testing has been successful and now hived is solid enough for it to be run as production nodes.
We still need about a week to solve some hivemind issues
Hard fork is moved to the 22 and this date is now (unless something major comes up) final.

most of what we discussed there can be found in greater details here:


Just a minor clarification: Sept 22nd is still an aspirational date more than a solid deadline. We set it as soon as we think it's possible to hardfork, as we don't want to delay the hardfork any more than we have to, and if we set the date later, it's quite difficult to move it earlier (due to coordination requirements with exchanges).

It's still quite possible that the ultimate date will be later due to the requirement to have a functioning hivemind for Hive apps, but we don't expect any changes of importance to hived itself.

Thank you all for ALL the hard work that's going into making this HIVE experience even better than it already is. Although i don't understand how hard the work is... i know that what goes into running and fixing things and setting everything up goes underappreciate by the general users.

So, i wanted to send my love and appreciation to you all. The work, time, attention, and money that goes into development, maintenance and upkeep, as well as regular operations is of more value than i can express on behalf of the ignorant!

Thank you for the update, sounds like HiveD is all done, and if I understood right Hivemind pretty much done. Code will be released to exchanges soon, and that everyone is going to be going into final hived/hivemind working together testing for the final testing prior to fork launch on the 22nd if all is well, which confidence sound high on.

I look forward to the fork, and thank all of you for the hard work and providing a pleasurable place on-line to be social.

keep up the good work!