Recipe: Claim Hive account tokens automatically

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infestor is a command-line application to claim and create discounted STEEM accounts. If your stake is around 2.5k/3k HP level, you can claim discounted accounts (this resource credit requirement may change) in a periodical base.

I set this automation a couple of times for different accounts. Writing this quick recipe to remember in the future. :)


  • A server (Preferably Linux)


$ git clone [email protected]:emre/infestor.git
$ cd infestor
$ docker build -t infestor .

Now, infestor is installed in docker level and you can run any command with the docker run -t infestor <sub_command> syntax.


To claim an account token:

$ docker run  -e INFESTOR_ACTIVE_KEY=<active_key> \
              -t infestor claim_account --creator emrebeyler --minimum-rc 80


> Fetching RC details of emrebeyler
> emrebeyler has 140 pending claimed accounts. >  Claiming an account currently requires 4662831MM mana.
> emrebeyler has 91282493MM mana available and can claim 19 more accounts.
> Success! emrebeyler now has 141 pending claimed accounts.

creator is the creator account, --minimum-rc is the minimum RC level in percent to complete the operation.

Schedule a job to run the infestor

  • $ crontab -e
  • Add a new line

*/5 * * * * /bin/bash INFESTOR_ACTIVE_KEY=<active_key> /home/innerhive/environments/infestor-env/bin/infestor claim_account --creator innerhive --minimum-rc 90

Save and exit.

Now, every five minutes, your RC will be checked automatically. If it's greater than 90%, it will claim an account token.

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discounted STEEM accounts


That was the terminology back in the day. :)

I have picked your post for my daily hive voting initiative, Keep it up and Hive On!!

Thanks mate.

That's a great command line tool to have to automatically claim the tokens, now how to use these tokens if you are not creating additional accounts, is there a way to donate

I create gift codes at and share them with people :)

Thank you for this piece of code @emrebeyler. If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go accompanied. Count on me to distribute your upvotes among great content creators and bring new upvotes for your witness.

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