FontAwesome Proposal: Votes needed!

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We need a few more votes on the FontAwesome Hive Logo proposal for it to be funded.

If you haven't voted on it, please do so via the following link:


Got you covered!


voted, supported

Hey do you still need help with this? What does it do? (Im sorry Im new 🤷‍♂️ )

Thanks for this great opportunity for Hivers to vote more. This is why it called Decentralized platform not the other Centralized.

I use fontawesome (free) too! Will it be available to free version? 😬

Although fortunately we got the funding for this, I'm reblogging it with the hope that people will see that and also review other proposals.

Great way to generate exposure, raise awareness for HIVE and build a stronger brand. Supported.

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@therealwolf, Good wishes from my side towards this Proposal.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

Just checked and I have voted already.
Will give it a resteem to try and get some more votes!

Oh, maybe we can also give it a vote from @combination, I will find out!

It's missing votes from some whales, I don't know if it can go over the return proposal without them. I voted at the beginning, hope it makes it there.

Hope it helps!

my pleasure!
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