My Psycho-Hiring Ordeal

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My Psycho-Hiring Ordeal

Could My Recent Job-Hunting Experience Cement the Inevitability of A No World Order?

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Greetings readers. I've been absent recently: my digital avatars were left slumbering and neglected. Reason is I spent most of my time and focus towards finding a new job. Normally Job-hunting is not so unusual or noteworthy, but for me it was a bewildering experience. And I'm experiencing difficulty grasping it.

I'm writing as a way to understand any significance of my recent experience when compared to the state of the world today... One event merged seamlessly into the next one... blurring together into a hazed spectrum spewing new technologies with promises of further technological advancements despite present day Psycho-Tech-Hiring subjecting me to grueling mindplay which scares as much as it confuses.

Reveal spoiler

I was familiar as to how branches of scientific management had accelerated and amplified into existence effects that touched souls in our world.

But I wasn't prepared for re-purposing my existing knowledge into what I visualized as part of the draconian data-driven destiny of mankind.

One thing the #plandemic gave me was an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, an anti-destiny raison d'etre against this new global sci-data-driven spectrum. Right now I remain observant and aware of methods, systems and theories which are weaponized against me (and you) because I'm determined to reverse engineer them.

In this article I'll outline anecdotes of my recruitment process and provide amateur analysis of any techniques I managed to identify. I'll also try to provide context as to their originating Schools of Thought and supply links for further reading.

The most prominent of these schools of thought are surprisingly not all that new. Listed below are some of which I've studied and they're decades old;

  1. Cybernetics

  2. Neurolinguistic Programming

  3. Change and Project Management

  4. Applied and Behavioral Psychology

  5. 4th and 5th Generation Warfare

  6. Knowledge Systems and Informatics

  7. Occulted Conspiracies

  8. Cyber surveillance, Online Investigations

And now that my grueling Psycho-Hiring Ordeal comes to a close (a successful close!), I must reflect on what the hell I just went through? How did I manage to ace my very first assessment like I did? (I scored 9.5/10 on the employer's Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment). After beguiling the employer's business & recruitment contractor, he confirmed what I was able to deduce as the reason why I could.

I'll explain in greater detail further on but here's a hint: use intuitive insights, subconscious or unconscious, to express yourself. Stamp first impressions, reactions, puzzling correlations, confused perceptions into your memory drives to then cross-reference these initial imprints against what is revealed later. If your able to retain that gut feeling long enough and without skewing or distorting it, you'll find that your gut feeling is usually right the first time. Or you'll find you had more than a simple gut reaction and that from the outset, your generalized feeling was more than enough to perceive, then grasp a weapon wielded to attack you.

These are extremely deep subjects and having any of them enter common parlance, through exposure in our daily (work and/or home) lives remains a constantly unsettling source of amazement for me. Academia, Government, Big Money, Pharma-Mafia, Military wrote their methods and philosophies prior to any technology existing which could manifest it.

Yet here we are, none the wiser but I believe history can't be forgotten. So that's my ground zero from where I'll start reverse engineering this is.

Please help pad out these lines of inquiry: ask questions of me or others in the field. Our mind-knowledge-wisdom-control masters usually have funnels or processes for public / community involvement & dialogue. Most of their doctrines are accessible online and have been for decades, so that's where I'm starting from. Our predecessors sounded Air Raid Siren Alarms warning us.

I hear them very, very loudly. Sounds louder to me because everyone else appears stuck in a looping present, totally unable to realize we've been here before.

There's an interdisciplinary plague of pandemic proportions spreading its schools of thought, its secret clubs where initiatory rites are prerequisite and ponerological sociopathy - a personal virtue.

I've been unemployed since end of December 2021 due to State of Western Australia workplace vaccination mandates (you can read my personal account here) and realistically wasn't allowed to re-enter my industry until WA State Premier Mark McGowan dropped the mandatory vaccination workplace requirements (except for State Government health and aged care workers I think).

Those were dropped around July 2022. Yet this didn't translate to my workplace, employment and privacy rights getting handed back to me. As I explained to my prospective employers during my first in person interview (a grueling 2 hour behavioral psychology and neuro-linguistic programming propelled ordeal), employers in Western Australia were, maybe still are, demanding that their employees or prospective employees be injected with Covid-19 injectables.

Knowledge Work Order

3. Talocity -


With psycholinguistic, psycho-graphics algorithms, NLP, and machine learning, Talocity will take your video interviewing process to a new level. It enables you to assess candidates’ personalities, proficiency, motivation, and expertise in a single video interview.

This software evaluates voice skills through machine learning and supports multiple native accents. You can also customize your assessments using Talocity’s intuitive and configurable multi-section assessment system. This talent acquisition application provides real-time results on the candidate level.


  • Short and data-driven interviews
  • Supports different native accents


  • A few reported technical glitches

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Anecdote from Paul re: his talent acquisition & behavioral psychology methodology.
The CEO (sic) of General Motors cited "Top View, Top Select? Top Connect?" as his number one reason for GM's astounding growth and market capitalization to number #1 in the world.
LUTZ Communications? Talent Bin? Talent Map?
Josh Bersin - Josh Bersin and Associates (founded 2001)

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