Hive-engine update: Liquidity Pool Reward Tracking

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Ok, well, I'm pretty blown away by the latest changes to the site. You should be too. We've added a ton of information to the diesel pools and some additional info to the market page. Credit goes to @reazuliqbal. He's a pretty awesome. If you're using or happy that outposts exist you should vote his witness.

Update Log

  • Updated 'Your Positions' section with a chart of day by day liquidity value. Also added fee earned table.
  • Updated 'Pools' page new table completely generated from the info api, also added charts for day by day liquidity and volume charts.
  • Added 'Transactions' page with all the pool transactions.
  • Markets now have an hourly and daily chart option, which should be more accurate than the previous marketHistory based one

All of the changes are in beta, please let us know if you find any bugs.

Updated Images - "Pools" tab

This first image is for when you go to pools. You'll see that over the last year our highest volume day on teh exchange was 33M dollars traded back and forth. The last 24 hours of trading has $696k of volume here. There's currently $9.58M of million of value locked into liquidity pools (at these prices).


I think this chart is pretty handy for giving us a sense of the activity of the exchange and overall how are markets doing especially those linked to Hive.

Updated Info- "Pools" tab

Underneath the Pools tab is an updated table that now shows total liquidity, fee earned, and volume.


If you look you can see that at today's current value the people that are staking Hive and DEC in the HIVE:DEC liquidity pool have earned 6,236 Hive and 1.6M DEC. At today's prices that's worth just over $10k. At today's prices that's about 1% return per month. Be careful as you approach this though. The value of the fee earned and the liquidity present is price dependent. So, expect change, but that's just crypto 101.

At a quick glance voucher:hive is the highest returning pool on the exchange at the moment giving a nearly 4% per month return to LPs.

Update table- Your Positions

Here's a recent chart I'd like to share of what "your positions" looks like now-


You can track the value of your portfolio over time and use it to figure out how much your positions in diesel pools are worth.

Underneath the chart is your actual liquidity positions-


Underneath that is the amount of fees you're earning-


Transactions page added

If you click on the transactions tab under the pools tab you can see your last transactions-


Updated Markets

So, for a little extra special gift the markets tab have been updated. You'll see there's now daily and hourly chart options available.


What's next?

Ok, so, we're getting our tax project live and just finishing up some server stuff for that. We'll be going back over the hive-engine classic site and updating it. We intend to continue operating two different pages for the exchange. We view hive-engine as the entry level exchange and as the more complicated tool.

If you haven't visited and poked around with the liquidity pools that we call diesel pools then I highly suggest you do. These are some of the easiest pools to interact with. There's some great returns available by staking tokens into the liquidity pools and you're missing out by not participating.


Great update. WOuld love to see Last 7 Days average APR on just fees.

Would be insanely simple math to do estimated APR based on 7days or on 30days. I think they're not motivated because so many of them are so low.

Yup I also observed that because trading volume is not high. Especially there are too many pools of a single token with other pairs. Better would be to have 1 or 2 pairs of tokens and an AMM to route the best path for exchange between pairs. This way we will get Deep liquidity and the tokens which have no trading volume can offset APR through Liquidity rewards they distribute.

Sounds about right

Well Done Reazul and the team.

Aggy, appreciate your support for this work. Tracking and tabulation is not the sexiest of work, but it is necessary and adds professional look to the ecosystem.

Any updates to tribaldex and diesel-pool are very welcome thanks for putting people on the job for this... keep it going! beeswap has a couple Quality of Life stuff that are amazing as well y'all should look into

Better and better!

good update!

@aggroed when will farm be accepted as crypto for purchases at splinterlands?

wow great updates!

Sounds really good. The tracking is on tribaldex right?

Awesome additions, this is just great!
I'm super curious, what's the lore behind the 'diesel pools'? I love the graphic!

This is really nice

This is honestly something I was really hopping for! I love it, one main dashboard where I can now track all my pools I'm in. Epic stuff keep up the great work and reazuliqbal has my vote. 💪

I have earned 24$ from liquidity, how can I claim it? Also I am not seeing it in my hive-engine wallet. Thanks

Remove it from the liquidity pool?

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Great updates. I like to use Diesel Poolsas it is easy and straight forward to use.

I have two suggestions:

It would be great if we would see full price history of tokens.

Using charts of Tradingview like Poocoin app of BSC would bring a wide array of analysis capabilities.

Hats off to the team congrats let's keep pushing 💪💪

this is fantastic love it!