Your body could be starving even if you eat a lot every day

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I took a class in nutrition last year at University of Hilo and learned about the importance of eating more nutritious food verses eating just a ton of empty calories. Eating a plate of something packed with colorful, nutritious veggies and grains gives your body more of what it needs and can be substantially more satisfying than eating several times the same amount of food that is gray and lacking in the vitamins and minerals your body needs. If you are eating a lot of fast food and stuff that is gray and lacking in natural colors your body might be starving causing you to be hungry more and more leading to eventual health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, cancers and diabetes. So eat more vegetables and give your body what it needs and you will be hungry less and healthy more. I am accompanying this post with this crazy picture of a poisonous mushroom I found in my yard.



Oh yes, That's truth. And in fact Oms recommends to follow the Mediterranean diet, that is rich of vagetables and is very tasty! :-)

interesting..I will look into it. I try to eat my veggies everyday but do strive to make them as tasty as possible or the kids won't eat them. I have found things like cheese on broccoli, cauliflower in our bean burritos, using kale and fresh spinach instead of lettuce in our sandwiches and a sprinkle of tamari and roasted garlic on our different veggies like green beans or sautéed snap peas does the trick but, I am always brainstorming new ideas.