Would you like to know what is my best local digital marketing plan ever because if you have a local business this will be useful for you?


Are you ready to hear the best local digital marketing plan ever?

I just have collaborated with the Awakening Wellness Center to make a digital marketing plan for their business locally.


You will want to hear the information I'm about to give you in here because it might save you a lot of time and money, and give you better results if you want the very best for your local digital marketing.

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Number one with local digital marketing is, most of the time spending money on ads is a total waste of money. What you can do instead if you've got a local business, is to give money to your clients or give them credit, for example, a coupon or credit off of the next service.

Give your clients credit to do a little live stream on Facebook or YouTube or TikTok wherever they're famous. Give them the money you would give Facebook and your clients can get out what you're doing to their friends, to their family.

For example, for Awakening Wellness Center where I'm here doing a live stream in St Pete, what I suggested it is have your clients that come in and work with your therapist. Offer them money off of their next service that they do a live stream and talk about what they just did.


Why this is so valuable is because this is natural word of mouth marketing. This is real people who are actually at a business experiencing the service, just sharing it with their friends and there's an incentive, you're essentially paying your customers to advertise for you.

Now, why does this work so well?

This works because your customers are super grateful and are likely to become really loyal and come back over and over again, and be grateful, and then you also have your customers as essentially a sales representative, your customers, instead of just kind of passively going to the business and not telling anybody about it.

You've got your customers now answering questions from potential customers.

For example, I do a live stream here and you say, "Hey Jerry, what do you do there to the Waking Wellness Center?"

I say, "Well, I go get a massage here."

You say, "Oh yeah, tell me about your therapist. How much does she charge?"

All of a sudden my friends are now coming in here, then they're getting the same offer. They are then doing live streams on Facebook and talking about what they're experiencing and all of a sudden, for a relatively low cost, all paid directly to your customers, you've got fantastic local marketing.

People can literally promote your business with their phones out, and you never know when you're going to win the lottery, so to speak, and have some kind of person like me who's got lots of followers, or maybe that locally has a huge following. They come in, do a live video, and you might get 5, 10, 15, or 20 clients from that.

I go with this because I've spent over $350,000 on online ads and what a lot of local businesses do is just dump money into ads, hire a social media person, and all that stuff is almost a complete waste of time.

The ads don't do anything. I've shown up hundreds of thousands of ads locally and I've tested this and they don't work.

Now they can work in very certain situations, but if you're going to do that, you need to use a tracking code by each specific ad and not put that post out publicly.

For example, if you want to do Facebook ads locally, what you need to do is do a post that's not available publicly. Just do it as an ad and just have a coupon offer in that specific ad, and that way you know if that specific ad actually made a sale.

So number one is paying your customers to advertise for you instead of paying for some other kinds of ads.


The other key part of this plan is your content. For your content, just do live streams like this. I had a $50,000 studio at my house. It could be an exaggeration by like $5,000 or $10,000, but I spent about $50,000 building a professional studio at home and you know what's ridiculous?

You know what just blows my mind?

I get my phone out like this and do a shaky little video on location for the moment, and these videos are getting more views than my professional studio ones.

I'm like, "Are you serious?"

These videos are getting more views than my professional studio videos.

All you need to do for your digital marketing locally is get out and do some live streams because Facebook pumps live streams, YouTube pumps live streams, Instagram pumps live streams. TikTok, if you've got enough followers, you can do a live stream.

Get these live streams out there and for a local business, instead of having a picture that you got and a story with it, which people scroll by, just put your face on there and show like, "Hey, yo, this is what we're doing. This is what we're doing at the Awakening Wellness Center."

Now, Jerry's live right now. He's actually at the business. He's in the salt room.

You can say that you are doing the video for the business.

"Hey, I'm Jerry Banfield. I'm at the Awakening Wellness Center. It's good to see you guys again. Did you know that we've got this salt room here that's so nice to meditate out, that you can just get in the chair and sit down and this is available to you as a perk."

"When you come get a massage with us, you can come hang out and you can come relax here in the salt room and there's no extra charge for it. Did you know we've got a tea bar, we've got artwork, we've got another massage therapist and a psychologist and we've gotten stretching classes?"


You can even do a live stream for a local business if you've got things like classes and the instructor's cool with that, turn your phone on and say, "Look, we're going to do a five minute live stream of the class," and then you don't need to spend all this time posting all these photos and all these stories that people just scroll by.

You post your live streams of what's actually going on at your business. You pay other people to do live streams and come in and do like a five minute video and just talk about what they just did at your business, you get to know and make deep relationships with all of your customers and all of your therapists and all of your team.

You do all that, and then you also ask people for Google reviews.

Google doesn't allow you to just pay for reviews, but what you can do is listen to what your customers need, listen to how you can help them.

Then let's say your customers have another business. "Okay, well I'm going to go to your business and try out what you do, and then look, let's review each other on Google. You review us on Google. That helps us get discovered organically when people are searching for what we do. We'll go to your business to see what you do, review you on Google."

All of a sudden you've helped them out, they've helped you out. Build deeper relationships and you can have fantastic results.

Let me go over this because I created a hypey title. I created a title that says, "Best Internal Marketing Plan Ever" and I was bold enough to get my phone out and do this off the top of my head, and look, this is going to be amazing for you.

Watch this.

All right, I'm going to give you these three points over again to make sure you got it.

Number one, just pay your customers to do live streams real quick, like five minutes when they come in. If you're a massage therapist, pay your customers, "Next time you get $20 off, do a live stream. Talk about what we just did."

Number one!

That's number two.

Don't spend money on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. These are all almost completely worthless. You don't need a social media manager. You literally get your customers involved. Build deeper relationships with your customers.

Number three, do live streams yourself of what's actually going on in your business. Did you notice how everything I told you is either for free or you're paying your customers?

You don't need to pay Facebook, you don't need to pay YouTube.

Final question you're going to want to ask is, "Jerry, why? When everybody's telling me that I need to spend money on ads and I need to boost my posts. Why are you saying don't do that?"

Because I've spent $350,000 and more than that on online ads. I can tell you almost all the time they don't work, and yes, I've gotten ads to work really well. I've gotten huge ROIs and often when they do work, there only be a limited time where they work.

But there's another thing, everybody, so many people online have an incentive to sell you on using online ads.

Think about it.

Facebook wants you to use online ads, and then there are all these people like I've been over the last few years that have an incentive to tell you, "Yeah, use Facebook ads and buy my course on how to use Facebook ads and buy my ebook on how to use Facebook ads."

These are the things I've actually done by my services as a client because you don't know what you're doing in Facebook ads, but I do, buy my services as a client. I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars telling other people how great Facebook ads are and to use them, and guess what?

I've made all that money off of people using Facebook ads and there are a lot of people like me who've made money showing other people how to do online ads and when I started out, all I had done, I barely could do anything successfully myself online. I got to be a little bit better than others.

So there are a lot of people trying to get you to spend money on things you don't really need to spend money on.

What I've learned the hard way losing a million dollars is that the things you spend money on that are really valuable are building deeper relationships. Things like paying your clients to help you out and the miracle is when you do this, your business is going to blow up and it's going to cost you less than any other marketing initiative that you're working on.

Losing a million dollar

Please tell me your results doing this. I want to know, come back to this video. Tell me how it went doing this and share your experience with that.

That way, when other people come on here and say, "Is this video legit? Does he really know what he's talking about?" I want your experience with this on here.

If you want to know, Artist who is watching this live, how I lost a million dollars, watch the video on my channel called "What I learned, losing a million dollars."

See how I managed to make 1.6 million dollars online and spend all of it, and be in a position to learn and grow and help others.

Thank you very much for being here on this live stream today.

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I love you.

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Jerry Banfield

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