The flood that hit the northern Aceh region, Sumatra island, Indonesia.

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Hello everyone is around the world.
This is a flood that hit the northern Aceh region.
Flooding is a disaster for the people in the low land area. And also not only for low-income communities. For people in high and medium areas often occur due to heavy rains in high land areas.
Water flowing through the river to the lowlands or the sea.
The river overflowed due to excessive water discharge and even the river lips could not stand it.
Therefore the people who are in the lowland area and even now are hit by the flood.
Indeed, this area is very often hit by floods like this.
For some reason? Maybe because the government paid less attention to the rivers in the region.
Maybe God is testing the people in this region.
For all those in all corners of the world, please pay attention.

Greetings from me @mzakybrt who can publish via dtube so that everyone in the world knows and cares about it.

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