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The Struggle to Arrive

I have been struggling to get started after spinning my wheels on that other blockchain ST**M 😭
My name is John Botamer (aka Johnny B) and I tour the United States promoting disc golf with a disc golf graphics RV since 1999. As a professional disc golfer, I grew weary of too much competition and not enough fun! 😄
I created Disc Tattoo Disc Golf Dyes in 2014 and there is no turning back!
Disc Tattoo mobile graphics shop offers on-location custom disc golf dyes.
I will have lots more to offer but would like to see if this first post can even get up. It has been a long road, but I am very happy to be here! :)


Design 102001 Spy Vs Spy

I think we all know this logo :)

My favorite sports team with customization for Jordy! :)

One of my favorite pastimes ;)

I have over 1000 templates that can each be customized however you like. However, the company is called Disc Tattoo because I would rather take your idea and make it happen, rather than sell you my ideas. In either case, the goal is to create something unique that triggers a happy feeling!

I will be launching Disc Golf Dyes by Disc Tattoo very soon but would like to take a breath and realize that I have arrived home. Thank you :)

John Botamer
Disc Tattoo | Disc Golf Dyes


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