If You Don’t Believe in UFO's; Take Off Your Tinfoil Hat

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If You Don’t Believe in UFO's; Take Off Your Tinfoil Hat

The buzz in the HIVE is disclosure. 2023 is the year the US government officially recognized the phenomenon of UFO as real and presently occurring on a regular basis. Now called UAP (presumably because too many people were FOIA requesting documents on UFOs) several different branches of government are taking the issue head on and presenting to the public. This year Congress, The Senate, The Pentagon, and NASA have all taken steps to disclose UFO presence to the public.

While it looks like the US Congress has taken the biggest steps in the public disclosure process It seems like the Senate is working behind the scenes more vigorously. Unfortunately NASA and the Pentagon’s AARO are not very forthcoming many would say even obstructive of the process.

Most public while somehow not making the front pages of every news paper and website that cover news was the July 26th bi-partisan congressional hearing where a former high level intel officer, David Grusch, testified under oath that the US was in possession of Non Human Craft. While this is the headline that is now being reported weeks after the hearing, he said so much more without saying a thing. Many questions from the congress people were met with the same answer, something like “I cannot talk about this in an open setting”. Prior to the hearing the congress people attempted to get Grusch into a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF). A SCIF is a secure setting that is cleared for people to discuss the most sensitive of information. They were denied this setting to hear his full testimony. One direct question from rep AOC was met with the response “I will gladly give you the names and locations in a secure setting”. It’s been almost 2 months and that setting has still not been granted.

Photo from The Debrief

David Gush is one of the heroes of this story because before coming out to the public and testifying in front of congress he made sure to get the information to many people and branches of government. Grusch’s testimony also included a shocking admission that he feared for his life and has been given information that people have been murdered to keep these secrets covered up!! For this reason Grusch found the godfather of UFO news, the man who broke the Area 51 story in the late 80’s with tales of UFO lore legend Bob Lazar, the great and powerful George Knapp and his faithful prodigy Jerry Corbell. Much like when Bob decided to come forward after initially being an anonymous source in order to protect his life Grusch felt the need to have an Independent journalist with the balls to blow the whistle if things went south for him. Grusch’s testimony was the most uncomfortable but the hearing also included 2 former US navy officers that had first hand experiences with the UAP while serving.

Here is a link to his fist public appearance before the hearing


Here is a link to a documentary that centers around Grusch’s revelations and takes it a step further to see how they fit in with some other theories.

The Senate is also working on getting information to people but in a much more formal way. On July 14th Majority Leader Chuck Schumer introduced an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act titled the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) Disclosure Act of 2023. The title seems to imply that there is something to disclose but the langue inside tells a much more detailed story. While the title is centered around the UAP in the sky the langue talks about the intelligence controlling it.

The term Non-Human Intelligence (NHI) is used over 20 times this is the definition directly from the act:

NON-HUMAN INTELLIGENCE.—The term ‘‘non-human intelligence’’ means any sentient intelligent non-human lifeform regardless of nature or ultimate origin that may be presumed responsible for unidentified anomalous phenomena or of which the 24 Federal Government has become aware.

The act is filled with language that is not ambiguous at all. It is written as if the UFO recoveries that Grusch testified about to congress have already been discovered by the author. It gives people that have knowledge of these programs a short grace period to come forward without prosecution. The act is set up as a release of records but has some other interesting sections like how the government is asserting eminent domain over any recovered materials. It is 64 pages long in its original form and is currently being negotiated. It is my hope that the act passes in its current form. Here is a link to the UAP Disclosure Act of 2023 announcement.


This is a link to full document that is currently being negotiated.


It is up to us to make sure that our representatives know that this is a major issue. Here is a link to advocate for UFO disclosure!! The site has a listing of the members of the newly formed UAP caucus with emails and phone numbers!! CALL NOW!!


In addition to our elected officials holding hearings, forming a caucus, and trying to include an amendment forcing disclosure in the defence budget two other government agencies have joined the party, NASA and the newly formed All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). Their participation is frankly lackluster at best. These agencies seem to be hiding more than disclosing. In future article I will deep dive into the obstruction of these agencies but for now I will highlight the positive. AARO did finally produce a website after two years the link is included below. On the site there are videos of UAP some with prosaic explanations and some still labeled as not resolved. NASA recently held a conference and released large report linked below that says they are ready to investigate the phenomena but do not have enough data on current cases to draw any conclusions. Immediately following the release of this document and the press conference the house one select committee called NASA in for a closed door session. Following the session Rep Tim Burchett went live on social media to break down how NASA is obstructing the discloser process. In the meeting the representatives were told that NASA does not have any classified data. That’s right 0 nothing. Burchett explains that they sent low level employees that have no information so when they swear under oath and say things like this they are not lying.

AARO Website


NASA Report


As I am finishing this article yet another government agency has released information of the UAP topic. This time its United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Here is reporting on this from The Black Vault


The topic of disclosure has never been this hot with this many irons in the fire. Prior to the 2017 reporting by the New York Times (were Lue Elizondo broke from a secret government program that was investigating UAP to disclose to the public) official government research on the topic was non existent. In my next article I will go back to the beginning and Highlight the great Lue!!!

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There's already good momentum going on with the recent hearings and I hope those who're in charge stick to their word about giving out all important and relevant information to the public. It's still a surprise how they've tried to cover it up when there's ton of information out there that goes against what they're saying.

We are moving in the right direction I do believe we will see the crafts that we have in 2024