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The world of rumors

For those who may be here for the first time, there are rumors or theories that haunt us. Are they conspiracy theories? Could be, but that accusation talks of anything that "they" want to debunk and the debunkers are usually filled with bunk to start with. Bunk, meaning bull shit.

What I do is take all the rumors and log them somewhere in the back of my mind and leave them in the If so... pile. Over time, things tend to either be proven or remain theories. The Theory of Evolution, for example, has never been proven scientifically though many scientists believe it to be true. Now we are getting into the topic of religion or rumors.

When any rumor or theory is proven, admitted to by the authorities, then I will be here to talk about it.

Before I get to the rumor...

Our favorite ridicule magnet, DJ Trump used to be smart in the eyes of the world until he ran for office. Then he became ridiculous. He has said thousands of things that were ridiculous. But lately, some have turned out to be true, especially the things he said after he had access to mountains of classified information that nobody else can get a look at except for the majestic ones.

While we laughed, he kept saying outlandish things. Now many of those things are turning out to be true. They are starting, one by one, to lack rumor status.

What that does is make the man more and more credible, crumb by crumb and bit by bit. I am not happy about that, but I am observant enough to remove each statement from the CS or BS pile and move it to the True one. If I do not do that, then I am just another idiot who only knows how to choose a belief and run with it.

Today's Rumor

I won't be talking about an absolute fact. Just an admission to something that a small group believed after Bill was ridiculed and ruined.

image source

The man wrote Behold A Pale Horse By Milton William Cooper written in 1991 and I am linking the book here if you want to verify its authenticity. Below are the relevant pages...




I made it easy. The interesting part is at the top of page 19. The rest is aftermath.

Compare these pages with what was just spoken of by Tucker Carlson - not on Fox - but rather, on a podcast where he describes the same thing as Bill and his mates on the submarine, as well as the Commander of the fleet who thought it important enough to keep those who saw it from going on shore leave.

Here is the non-youtube Tucker interview from March 10th of this year. If you like supporting google, click below...

The UFO section that triggered this post begins at 1:09:00 - ships-water @1:14:22.

It is hard to deny that UFO's travel at high speeds under water and transverse to the air as if the water were not even there when you have decades of witnesses saying it is so. Bill Cooper was completely destroyed for coming forward with this information as well as other revelations. I wonder if the same thing will happen to Tucker, or is this the time to talk about this stuff in order to distract from Biden's tax returns and those of his family arriving at the House of Representatives, crimes committed, and Jeffrey Epstein's client list? Maybe. Maybe not.

Another old rumor, Bill Cooper's claim, gets more credibility after this interview.

Normally I would end the post here but I did watch the whole interview of Tucker. I put some summary remarks below.

Side notes:

Other stuff I heard on the Tucker interview.

  • French is a dead language but the French have balls.
  • Canada needs Dad to get home and lay down the law on meth.
  • Justin is an empty shell that only conveys the narrative of the NWO.
  • England has ceased to matter.
  • The government pencil pushers are threatened by Andrew Tate.
  • The trans person cannot be female because women think in a different way via DNA.
  • Nicotine is good for you.
  • Satan has the right to eat in a restaurant.
  • He was freaked that the "Full Send" guys mentioned traveling to Russia.
    • good for them -visiting the ones that always wipe out Nazis
  • Signal is not safe. The NSA databases all conversations on there.
  • They stopped him from visiting Russia - because the NSA pulled his Signal conversation.
  • You have no privacy at all - unless you are @rumors.
  • Rules and Taxes are obedience challenges (True).
  • He believes Russian invaded Eastern Ukraine and that is bad. (a Rumor)
  • The U.S. is not the most powerful nation in the world.
  • All country leaders are bad.
  • The U.S. is in control of Ukraine (meaning the U.S. is Nazi - quote @rumors).
  • He believes Russia killed children that were not being used as human shields.
  • Tucker's view on Trump is accurate.
  • Tucker was in Baghdad when Sadman was killed. (spelling intentional).
  • Baghdad men are clones - Marlboro and porn star mustaches.
  • Tucker used to work for CNN (news to me). He tries not to be a Pussy.
  • The State Department forced him to carry a Full-auto AK47 after a fire fight occurred.
  • The U.S. was not good at Baghdad, especially when they said they had it 'under control'.
  • Epstein was murdered. (and the reasons why)
  • He has never believed in a conspiracy theory in his life.
  • UFOs are the most interesting things he has ever reported on.

  • A list of evidence that UFOs exist. The Stanford Professor part...

  • The wise know the limits of what they do and don't know.
  • The media are part of the control apparatus.
  • Defending the Iraq war is his biggest regret.

BTW, I have never watched Tucker Carlson so I found this interesting. TC: Who is he when he is not spouting propaganda? I am not on the internet, speaking as the person I see on my driver's license, only on sites that give you a private key with no identity check. Your identity can only be stolen if you use it on line.

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These are just Boogeyman stories to keep us afraid and in control.

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