PSYBER X - $LVL Discord discussion - Come join us

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PSYBER X - $LVL Discord discussion

I formally invite everyone to our discord server!

Excited to start a community around our dream game! and hopefully yours)

Let’s talk everything $lvl, PSYBER X, gaming, blockchain, and crypto in general.

If you don’t use discord, no problem. We’ll still be posting here as frequently as possible.

Get ready for the official trailer!

Share your suggestions for what you would like to see in PSYBER X, see the progress first.

Join us here:

Distribution is looking good! Check the $lvl richlist here:

$lvl can be found here:

Special shout-out to those that have believed in us during these first steps! (I hope you don’t mind me linking you awesome people)













































































Probably the first, and only time I make that list...
Not very short.

Thanks everyone for being a part of something great.


Joined the discord . I can not wait for the official trailer.

@tipu curate

Joined the discord.

Looking forward to the trailer.

Looking forward to what you come up with.
Good luck!

Thanks for the support 👍

I just now found out about this project! Wow! I'm rootin' for ya, too now! Bought some lvl as well. I'll get some more later.

Glad to have you on board!
Tell your friends…. It’s coming.

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If this post is about 3-4 months old, it means this project had kick started and already in progress right @saltyreptile

How is the project doing @saltyreptile ?

Please explore @psyberx

Oh ohk. I'll do that. Thank you.

It's been four months now, I missed the session at discord. Any update, ? It's been a long while.

This is something exciting 🙌 I hope to see it continue to evolve at a good pace, and soon everyone will be playing it :)

Check out @psyberx

I have, it looks great 🙌